News Round-up: Post Silverstone

News Round-up: Post Silverstone

Spa Francorchamps - 2007 Building WorksWith Christijan Albers booted from the Spyker Formula One team, the Dutch squad are busy trying to find a replacement. A little odd, perhaps, that the team hadn’t already lined up a spare before having the meeting with Albers, but that is clearly the way Spyker wanted to do things. So while none of their test drivers are in the frame for the seat, which again surely defeats one of the purposes of having a test/reserve driver (or four), Spyker have announced they will run Christian Klien at Spa this week to see how he fairs in the F8-VII.

Despite the problems with the previous named sponsor I got a written and vocal agreement in January 2007 that I would drive the entire year. The decision to stop the cooperation was an unpleasant surprise and it’s a shame that I can’t drive the B version of the car now. Christijan Albers.

Christian currently tests for Honda, and the Dutch team are very grateful for the short-notice release of their reserve. Before testing the Honda, Klien drove for Red Bull Racing, but was unceremoniously dumped prior to Mark Webber joining the squad. The whole saga may come to nothing though, as Albers is apparently considering the legal issues surrounding his sudden unemployment, stating that he has a written agreement to race for the entire season.

I would like to thank Spyker for this opportunity and also the Honda Racing F1 Team for its help and support in permitting me to test for another team on this occasion. Christian Klien.

The Stepneygate saga continues, but this time the news is centered around Mike Coughlin, the implicated McLaren designer who apparently received the 700-odd page document detailing Ferrari’s cars, policies and procedures. The court hearing that was scheduled for this morning was cancelled after Mike and his wife Trudy agreed with Ferrari to submit a sworn affidavit to the Italian team outlining all they know in the espionage affair.

And finally, while in the Belgian countryside testing their cars on the Spa Francorchamps circuit, the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA, headed by David Coulthard) have written to the FIA asking for changes to be made the pit entry on the remodelled track.

According to most of those drivers present at the test, the pit lane is now too narrow and the entry from the final chicane is blind, causing some drivers to fear the worst should a car get stuck or drives slowly down the pits.

It is completely blind, so as you rush to come in, if there is someone there it will be a big pile-up. Nico Rosberg.

It’s very difficult to see the pitlane entry, the entry is very narrow and the wall comes very close. Robert Kubica.

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