News Round-up: Post Shanghai

News Round-up: Post Shanghai

Lewis Hamilton - 2007 US Grand PrixIt has been a busy week for Formula One, and this close of season appears to have been a chaotic mess of activity, what with all the hearings, controversies and penalties. Added to this that a twelfth Formula One is supposed to be in the making (or not) and the 2008 driver lineups are not yet complete, a lot of teams are keeping themselves busy trying to secure their futures and do well enough in the final Grand Prix of the year to move up the tables. For now though, we have a Wikipedia vandal, a feel-good story from Zanardi and the possible buy-out of STR from the A1GP boss.

Mercedes Wiki Vandal

Mercedes are on the hunt for an employee who vandalised Lewis Hamilton’s Wikipedia entry, changing quotes and generally trying to defame the championship leader. The employee is based in Spain – and therefore a likely Alonso fan – and although the user wasn’t registered, the IP address on non-registered users is logged, and Mercedes have confirmed it is owned by them.

Among the changes made was a quote made by Michael Schumacher back in 2001, which originally went, “…keeps this up I’m sure he will reach F1.” This was modified into, “I know that he is quite ugly, but if he keeps this up I’m sure he will reach F1.”

Mercedes have launched an internal investigation into the matter, although admit it will be very difficult to find the culprit.

Zanardi Enters Marathon

Following his devastating Champ Car accident that resulted in losing both of his legs, former Formula One driver Alex Zanardi will compete in the New York Marathon next month after a chance encounter with one of his sponsors led to his competitive nature coming to the fore. Zanardi, who currently races in the World Touring Car Championship despite having prosthetic limbs, was invited to take part in the traditional Pasta Party at the marathon by his sponsor Barilla. However, Zanardi decided to take part and will use a hand-bike competing in the disabled class.

They [sponsors] wanted to involve me in someway in the Pasta Party they organise every year on Saturday night for some fifteen thousand runners. And I said, half seriously, half in jest, that if I had to be there I might as well take part in the marathon. Their reaction was, are you crazy? And this obviously stirred my competitiveness up and pushed me to decide that I actually wanted to do it! Alex Zanardi.

In his typical upbeat elation at everything, Zanardi also said, “I won’t only cross the start line, but the finish line too.” I’m sure you will all join me in wishing Alex the best of luck for the marathon.

A1GP Boss To Buy Rosso?

A1GP boss Tony Teixeira has been eyeing up Formula One teams this year with the intention of buying. The South African businessman was looking at Spyker before Vijay Mallya swiped it from under his nose, and there were even rumours of Super Aguri being sold. But with the recent announcement that Ferrari will supply engines to the World Cup of Motorsport next season, and Toro Rosso running the Ferrari v8 power unit this year, the links are starting to fall into place.

Ferrari were rumoured to be considering supplying an identical chassis to Rosso next season to essentially create a satellite team from which they can gleam information from, particularly as testing is now so limited. With Teixeira fronting some cash, knowledge and people to run the squad, it could be quite a lucrative deal. Of course, the 2008 rules are still to be finalised and the upcoming meeting on October 24th will play a major role in how the smaller teams are allowed to run next season, using their own chassis or buying off the shelf.

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  • Good luck, Alex Zanardi, on the New York Marathon run.

    Whoever thought messing about with Wikipedia entries about fellow employees in their work time was clever really shouldn’t be let near a computer during their working hours…

  • England as only two goodF1 teams: Williams and the test’s team of Williams!!

    Best wishes from Spain! Let’s go Fernando!

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