News Round-up: Post Montreal

News Round-up: Post Montreal

Lewis Hamilton - 2007 Canadian Grand PrixIn all honesty, there is only one piece of news worth reporting this Monday evening. And that is the fact that Robert Kubica has little more than a sprained right ankle and a headache. Considering the violence of his accident yesterday, it could have so easily been much worse. Aside from Kubica though, Jarno Trulli talks about his view of the accident, Damon Hill commends Canadian Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton and Ron Dennis changes a McLaren tradition just for his new golden boy.

Robert Kubica has apparently requested to race at next weekends US Grand Prix, and he will undergo a short test at the Indianpolis Speedway on Thursday to ensure he is fit enough. The BMW team will also consult with doctors before releasing the Pole on the Brickyard. Robert was released from hospital this evening and said the following to reporters in Canada.

As you can see, I’m in quite good shape, and I’m hoping to be going to Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I feel very good. I was very lucky, it was a big accident, but fortunately, nothing is hurt.

Mario Theissen and other team members came to visit me, and also thanks to Jarno Trulli who came as well. I am happy that I have been able to leave the hospital so quickly and will now prepare for the race in Indianapolis. Robert Kubica.

Kubica also said that he remembers almost every part of the accident.

Jarno Trulli has spoken of his involvement in the accident, for it was Trulli’s rear-right wheel that sent Robert hurtling towards the wall. Jarno admited feeling great concern for Kubica, and without any knowledge feared the worse.

I was shocked about the violence of the accident and very concerned because I had no information. I was struggling with tyre graining and lack of grip. Robert was quicker and I gave him the left-hand side of the track. The last time I saw him in my mirrors he was on that side, then I just got hit at the back and I have no idea what happened.

I saw the medical car out for a long period and I was very concerned. I think it is a tremendous positive that on Sunday night Robert Kubica had been examined at hospital in Montreal and was okay and able to talk and tell jokes to the people from his team who visited him. It is never nice to see something like that and the most important thing about the whole weekend is that he was okay.

Everything else was pretty much insignificant. Jarno Trulli.

Indeed, Trulli might want to forget about his weekend entirely, admitting to losing concentration after his final pit stop and driving his Toyota off the track and into a wall in error.

Ron Dennis has possibly broken a very long-standing tradition at McLaren in light of Lewis Hamilton’s first race victory oin Formula One. Normally, all the trophies collected by the team and their drivers remain with the team. If a driver wishes to keep his trophy, a replica is made and he original is kept at the headquarters in Woking. However, following Hamilton’s triumphant race, a reporter asked Ron what will be happening to the prize, and Ron paused with emotion before saying that he hadn’t actually thought about it. The Ron suggested that maybe Lewis’ father Anthony should be the deserving owner, having spent the last 18 or so years working very hard to support his son.

Damon Hill has praised Lewis as well, stating that believes Hamilton will one day become a Formula One World Campion, something that Damon himself earned in 1996. Hill is actually the last Briton to take the title, and also President of Silverstone owners, the BRDC.

He may be young and in his first season, but this guy is the real deal. If you’re good enough in this sport, you’re old enough – and boy is Lewis good enough. We shouldn’t get too carried away, but we could be looking at the next British world champion.

He’s leading the world championship and winning races, so his confidence will be sky-high. He’s now got a great chance of winning the British Grand Prix, in front of his home crowd at Silverstone. Damon Hill.

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