New Rumours Surrounding Ron Dennis & McLaren

New Rumours Surrounding Ron Dennis & McLaren

The Sunday Times has jumped on the recent story-bandwagon surrounding Ron Dennis and his future at the helm of McLaren. Previously in the week it was Spanish paper Marca that suggested Ron had been forced out of the team, but denials from all quarters put paid that end of the crazy idea. But just because the 61 year-old hasn’t been fired doesn’t mean he can’t leave. And prior to the troubles of last mid-season, Ron was meant to step down at the end of 2007.

Richard Rae opened his Times piece with the bold statement that Dennis would be stepping aside this week. Rae cited that the reasons were likely to revolve around weighing up spare time, with the demands placed on a team principal in a modern Formula One squad becoming increasingly intense. Ron recently split with his wife of 22 years, and turning 62 in June, Dennis most be getting a little weary.

Now 61, he [Dennis] is adamant that he intends to be more available to his children, and also believes that the role of team principal has changed. Unlike Dennis, who is a major shareholder commanding a majority on the McLaren board, several other current team principals are essentially employees who sometimes have to refer major decisions. Richard Rae.

The problem that Dennis is facing, according to Pitpass’s take on the article, is that he needs to step down at the right time. Had Ron followed his initial plan, he would have been leaving because of the whole saga. However, leaving now would be better in terms of how the press will take it, but even better would be the end of the 2008 season. Rae also reports that Ron is under no pressure and some staff have even urged him to stay on.

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