Narain Karthikeyan Eats At Subway

Narain Karthikeyan Eats At Subway

Narain Kerthikeyan (middle right) - 2007 Wiliams LaunchWhile waiting to hear from Spyker regarding his possible future drive with the Dutch team, Williams test driver Narain Karthikeyan has kept himself busy away from the race track this week. Self-titled “the fastest Indian in the world”, Narain visited his home city – Coimbatore – recently to help promote the opening of a Subway store in the area. Narain spent time discussing the brand with the store’s franchisee and even enjoyed a sub while talking with the crowds and fans who turned up for the event.

There is much speculation following the Grand Prix of Europe as to who will be given the drive at Spyker. Markus Winkelhock did quite well on Sunday and impressively lead the race for a while (although only down to the absurd weather conditions). He may have earned himself another race with the team, but I imagine Spyker would need a pilot who can bring sponsorship to the team, rather than PR skills and silly titles.

Don’t ask me how I know this stuff, I just do.

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  • Hehe, just a bit of light-hearted fun really. There’s plenty to discuss which I’ll post later, like the troubles at Toro Rosso and Speed chastising his bosses publicly…

  • That’s never a good thing to be doing, especially when you are Scott Speed – maybe Senna could have got away with it and still been in demand, but not Speed!

  • LOL , actually JK Tyres called him the fastest Indian in the world, i sort of agree, apart from the astronauts of-course.

    Narain literally has millions of dollars of money of Indian companies behind him. The TATA Group being the primary provider of cash.

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