Mosley Is Still Refraining From Comment

Mosley Is Still Refraining From Comment

Max Mosley is still to go on record and admit or deny his involvement in the alleged scandal that the News Of The World reported on Sunday. The alleged ‘sadomasochistic orgy’ that Mosley has been said to be involved with is of course his private life, but many people are questioning why there is still no official word from Mosley, either admittance or denial. And now even Bernie Ecclestone has suggested that maybe Max should stay away from this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

Duncan from vee8 has an excellent post up at the moment detailing the removal of the images and video footage from the relevant websites, suggesting that Mosley’s lawyers have now intervened. However, removing media doesn’t stop tongues from wagging, and curious minds are now asking even more questions.

When I first heard of the story I didn’t believe it was Mr Mosley; the whole thing just seemed too over-the-top, too ridiculous. I’m now questioning my initial reaction, although I should add that we still don’t actually know. However, some key figures involved, or formerly involved with Formula One are suggesting that Max should not go ahead with his planned visit to the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend, and even step aside from his presidential duties at the FIA.

There is absolutely no question in my mind that Mosley should resign. From a purely motor racing point of view you can’t have somebody like this running the sport or any other sport come to that. I really think he ought to go and I would like to see the press having a concerted campaign to persuade him to do just that. Jody Scheckter.

Strong words there from the 1979 world champion. And Bernie Ecclestone has suggested that Mosley should keep away from this weekend’s race to prevent an unnecessary distraction from the actual event of motor racing.

He shouldn’t go, should he? The problem is he would take all the ink away from the race and put it on something which, honestly and truly, is nobody else’s business anyway. Bernie Ecclestone.

Mosley was meant to be travelling with the Bahraini Royal Family, but it now seems as though Mosley and his advisors are at least considering cancelling the trip.

We understand that Mr Mosley had originally planned to attend Bahrain but is currently unavailable due to consultation with lawyers, and we cannot confirm his plans. FIA Spokesperson.

The recent Autosport article also made me chuckle a little when I read, “The widespread media coverage that the [original] article has caused…”. Erm, okay. Widespread, really?

So where does this leave the Max and the immediate future of the governing body of the sport? Well Keith from F1Fanatic has suggested that Max temporarily step aside from his presidency while the issues are investigated and Mosley’s name confirmed either way, involved or not. Obviously Scheckter wants Mosley gone, as his quote states quite clearly above, and Ecclestone has decided to sit on the fence and only say that Mosley should should decide for himself.

What Max should do is what he thinks is right because it is only him that’s involved, not the FIA. He must do what he believes, in his heart of hearts, is the right thing. Bernie Ecclestone.

Many have been saying that if, and that is a very big if it is Mosley in the video, then he should step down as president. I think we can all agree that what someone does in the bedroom is up to them and isn’t for public consumption. However, the element of, as Duncan so eloquently* put it, “taking part in acts that make light of and fantasise about victims of Nazi death camps” is, to me at least, disturbing. I would be deeply concerned if I found out my boss was doing that.

I’m not going to post too much more about this until further real news is available. We have a grand prix to enjoy this weekend and things like this make me sad about the sport I love. I had hoped for a scandal-free season this year after all the issues with Ferrari, McLaren and Renault last time around. It looks as though my wish wasn’t granted properly, but alas, Formula One is Formula One.

*I couldn’t think of a more appropriate word to use here. I do see that, although technically accurate, eloquent is perhaps not entirely appropriate.


  • WIthout any further information from any party it’s hard to do anything other than speculate further!

    The main thing which seems to have upset people is the fact he was involved in this whole “Nazi” thing. Is this a vitally important piece of news or simply a biproduct of the type of act he seems to enjoy? I’d imagine if you are into all this sadomasochistic stuff then you have to have a believable “roleplaying environment” to do it in. Pretending to be a doctor and nurse probably wouldn’t do it!

    Obviously the Nazi element is the driving force behind the newspaper story so it’s understandable that they have placed emphasis on it.

    Someone else asked elsewhere if there would have been such a palava had the prostitues been dressed as bunnygirls or something. I think that’s even more disturbing – if what has taken place shows he would like to get intimate with some Nazis then would bunnygirls show he would like to do the same with rabbits?!

    It’s all too weird for words.

  • Craig, that would just be funny. We’d get Max all embarrassed, but we wouldn’t be asking for his head. The Nazi element just seems… wrong. I mean, there are so many other… environments… you can use for this? Why the one that’s just… well, wrong?

    Assuming it’s Max, it WAS supposed to be his private life, but it got leaked. Max should have done what he could to avoid it getting leaked, but he did not do enough, and now, he has to pay the consequences.

    ASSUMING it’s Max. Let’s wait for more evidence. But why no denial, though? Odd.

  • I don’t know anything much about this whole sadomasocistic stuff so I’m not qualified to comment on what’s “normal” in these cases, but it’s all mighty strange to me!

    With allegations like these, if they make it into the press then even if they are later retracted or found to be false, noone remembers the retraction yet everyone remembers the allegations.

    This will haunt Max for years, no matter what the outcome is. A swift denial would have seemed to be the way to go though, so I agree it’s really odd that one hasn’t appeared.

  • “From a purely motor racing point of view you can’t have somebody like this running the sport or any other sport come to that.”

    What utter rubbish! What he’s ‘alledgedly’ done is in no way illegal, and has, as far as i can see, has harmed nobody. Okay, some may see it as being in bad taste, but that’s their opinion and as far as i can tell has nothing at all to do with his ability to work in F1.

    I think he has every right to remain silent. His business is his and his alone!

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