Mixed Signals From Renault

Mixed Signals From Renault

Flavio and Pat Talk Shop In 2006In preparation for their title defence, Renault have been speaking to the press about their competitiveness, inconsistent winter testing and the pressures facing the Anglo-French squad as they challenge for another championship in the new post-Alonso era. In an interview, Giancarlo Fisichella said that he would be hoping to gain as many points as possible in the early part of the season, and if possible, challenge for race wins. His language doesn’t seem too optimistic, but it does contradict the words of technical director Pat Symonds.

Giancarlo Fisichella:

It will not be an easy race, and we don’t expect it to be, but the motivation in the team is very high.

Pat Symonds:

There is some frustration that we are not out front and leading the field, but it is no more than that. I suppose it’s a slightly mixed mood. I think there is probably some disappointment that we are not right on the pace at the moment, but [Giancarlo and Heikki] have been encouraged by the gains we made recently.

Well, is the team motivated or not?

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