McLaren Invite The Neighbours Around Again

McLaren Invite The Neighbours Around Again

Following on from their successful attempts of neightbourly love at the Spanish Grand Prix earlier in the year, McLaren have once again welcomed their next-door neighbours over for tea and cakes. The last time the Woking team did this was when they were positioned at the far end of the pitlane next to Force India and Super Aguri, but as they have now been moved back to the fifth garage, they decided to invite Red Bull Racing and Williams around for brew and a biscuit.

It is reported that about 20 Williams personnel and 10 Red Bull team members joined McLaren for the tea party and they enjoyed a tour of the team’s impressive Brand Centre, a complex that dominates the paddock area of each grand prix.

The Williams and Red Bull teams are a great bunch of people, and it was a pleasure to be able to offer them a bit of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and Absolute Taste hospitality.

Formula One people are a lot friendlier than we’re often depicted, and today was an example of three teams chilling out together in a chummy and good-natured way. Matt Bishop, McLaren Head of Communications & PR.

As McLaren are now expected to remain in their current fifth position along the pitlane, it is unknown if they will hold any more tea partys this season, but the idea shows the teams getting along off the track and comes just days after David Coulthard and a few selected top-brass from Red Bull were given a full tour of the McLaren factory in Woking, Surrey.

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