McLaren Hearing Cancelled

McLaren Hearing Cancelled

McLaren - 2007 British Grand PrixThe hearing in to McLaren and the possible development of parts and systems inspired by the leaked Ferrari document has now been cancelled. Via a statement made on the FIA website today, the FIA announced that McLaren are free to prepare their car for the 2008 season without fear of punishment or reprimand. This news essentially ends the spy saga that has gripped Formula One since last summer. The apology from McLaren and the offering to freeze development on certain systems was enough of a catalyst for FIA president Max Mosley to seek a quicker route to closure.

Further to the proposal of the FIA President, the World Motor Sport Council has agreed to cancel the hearing scheduled for February 14, 2008. FIA Statement.

Thus, the MP4-23 will race next season, piloted by Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen.


Despite avoiding further punishment from the FIA, McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has had his drivers license suspended for a month after being caught speeding in France. Hamilton was at the wheel of a Mercedes when he was clocked at 196kmh – 122mph – near the northern town of Laon. He was fined €600 and the car was impounded. According to police, Hamilton cooperated well with the authorities and has since sent someone to collect his Mercedes.


  • While I think the FIA ending the spy saga is a good thing, it does make me wonder.

    The FIA have already inspected the car, and if they felt the need to inspect it again right before the season started then surely that would have been because they felt there was something amiss with it.

    McLaren coming out and admitting they made mistakes and apologising for them wouldn’t alter the design behind the car.

    So if the FIA had a genuine need to look at the car again, how can they now simply dismiss that need out of hand?

    I think it’s safe to surmise they had no real need to see the car again, and just wanted to keep McLaren on their toes until the last possible moment.

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