Max Mosley Makes The Front Page

Max Mosley Makes The Front Page

Formula One’s head honcho made the front page of this morning’s News Of The World tabloid. The story has certainly shocked many, but it needs to be said that the News Of The World is hardly a respectable news paper. The allegations contained in the story are pretty bizarre and I’m sure many lawyers are being consulted with as I type. If it turns out that the video and photographic ‘evidence’ is of FIA president Max Mosley, then I feel the Briton will be shamed into resigning. If however, it turns out to be an elaborate hoax, Rupert Murdoch’s editor for the News Of The World will likely be paying a visit to the courts.

The whole story just seems to be a little too strange, the lack of statement from the Mosley camp also weird. While I’m secretly hoping this story will prove to be the catalyst to Mosley’s resignation, I find it hard to believe at the moment. It seems to be a little over-the-top, a little too much. Do you think it’s Max in the photos, or do you think it’s a lookalike?


  • I think it is retaliation for Max threatening to sue the Times over Brundle’s column. It will be interesting to see if Max has the bottle to go into a proper court.

  • He made front pages, but it is bizzare none of the mainstream F1 sites even mentioned that …

    From what I read in the article in Times Online (not Ed Gorman’s blog, but his article in Times Online proper) it all seems to indicate it may in fact be Mosley.

    The loud silence on this topic from Mosley is also weird. If the story was a fabrication, wouldn’t he be denying it by now ?

  • Given how quickly the FIA manage to get rid of F1 coverage on YouTube, I’m surprised how long this video is staying up on there!

    I think the majority of sites were a little worried about saying too much on this topic in case they were faced with the full wrath of Max should it turn out to be faked.

    It’s too puzzling to tell at the moment what has gone on – if it isn’t Max then surely he should be saying so? And if it is, then he can do whatever he likes in his spare time so should it really matter?

    If it is true and he stays on (he won’t resign will he, he’ll have to be pushed) then he’ll have to develop some mighty thick skin before he heads back into the paddock.

    Mind you if the video is real then it looks like he will be developing pretty hard skin in places anyway!

  • Ollie — I think you are not giving NOTW enough credit here.

    Over the years NOTW has been responsible for some of the finest investigative reporting in the British media. It may take a low-brow view on life but that doesn’t discredit the story

  • I think you forgot to add a “Who cares?” option in the poll. What Max Mosley does in his private life is nobody’s concern.

  • Fair points guys. I presume those who don’t care won’t vote/comment. The silence from the Mosley camp is eerie, but Max is an intelligent man for the most part.

    For those who feel that what Max does in his spare time is up to him, I would have to agree. However, regardless of what you think, this does affect Formula One. Max’s private life has been plastered all over the national press and the videos on the Internet do not appear to be going away any time soon. This does affect Formula One through association, and because of the nature of the world today, Mosley may be asked to resign.

    And should that happen, which I hasten to add it perfectly well may not, F1 is affected. For this reason alone, it is news. And downright weird.

  • Shouldn’t believe anything you read in tabloid newspapers, there just full of crap and peoples own opinions, at least The Sun doest try to hide it.

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