Mark Webber Sustains Broken Leg In Cycling Accident

Mark Webber Sustains Broken Leg In Cycling Accident

Red Bull Racing’s Mark Webber has sustained a broken right leg this morning while competing in his own Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge. The Australian driver collided with a car head on while riding in one of the cycling elements of the challenge, devised by himself to raise money for charities around the world. Webber was airlifted to hospital and underwent surgery to have a pin placed in his leg. After having several scans, it appears the broken leg is Mark’s only injury and already the driver is thinking about his recovery process.

The surgery is complete, a pin inserted and the recovery begins. Mark’s in good spirits. The broken leg is the injury, and beyond that, he’s in really good shape. He has a little bit of a graze on his left forearm, but he has had full scans and everything else is clear.

He’ll be in hospital for at least three days, for sure under a week. I was speaking to him before the operation, and he was already thinking about his rehabilitation. I suspect that as soon as Mark is able to fly, they will be keen to get him back to Europe. They will have people working out his rehab programme now with a view to getting him up and going as soon as possible. Geoff Donohue, Pure Tasmania Challenge Event Director.

Mark’s injury will see him out of action until early in the new year, although having a pin joining the broken bone will undoubtedly accelerate the healing process. Webber will not compete in the Race Of Champions in December either.

While it looks like he’s out of the winter testing programme, we fully expect Mark to make the starting grid in Melbourne next March.

Mark has said he’s relieved to know the driver of the motor vehicle was uninjured and expressed his thanks to the many well wishes from family, friends and supporters.Red Bull Racing Statement.

It isn’t the first time this year that Webber has been involved in a cycling accident, the Red Bull driver having to administer first aid in the hills around Monaco prior to the grand prix in May after a fellow rider struck a car. Although Mark wasn’t hurt in that accident, it does suggest that maybe two-wheeled and four-wheeled sports don’t always go well together.


  • If you’re going to bust your leg, it’s probably best to do it in the off-season and make sure it’s your right one. I’d imagine it would be a lot more troublesome if it was his left given the amount of pressure that’s needed to be applied to throw the anchors down going into a turn!

  • As someone who snapped their left shin bone in half, Mark has many hours with one leg on a chair as he tries to ….etc…etc. But its only when you lose a 12 inch ruler trying to stratch your ankle that you know you got it bad :-). Good luck Mark…..Ive felt your pain…;-)

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