Lewis Shows His Cool In Hot Sepang

Lewis Shows His Cool In Hot Sepang

Lewis Hamilton - 2007 Malaysian Grand PrixLewis Hamilton is putting the UK media into a frenzy by showing his maturity and control at the hands of his competitive McLaren MP4-22. The Malaysian Grand Prix saw the British rookie pick up his second podium from two races, improving on his first by finishing second to his team mate and reigning World Champion Fernando Alonso. Lewis withheld advances from Ferrari from the first lap where he again showed his brilliance off the line and passed both red cars by the exit of the second corner. This move mirrors his pass on Alonso in Melbourne three weeks previous, and many an expert are praising the 22 year old on his performances.

It seems Lewis has a cool head, and despite admitting this was his hardest race in his career so far, Hamilton showed great maturity in fending off Felipe Massa in the first stint at Sepang. Massa made a couple of attempts at passing, but failed to make them stick. When the Brazilian tried again, Lewis admitted he encouraged Felipe to out-brake himself, which saw Massa shoot off the track and onto the grass. The net result of this error by Massa meant he lost two places and spent the rest of the race tucked up behind Nick Heidfeld.

That’s the most difficult race I’ve ever had. To see two Ferraris behind you, knowing they are quicker than you, it’s very difficult to keep them behind. Felipe had a couple of moves but fortunately I was able to trick him into outbraking himself. I apologise for that, but at the end of the day we got the points so it doesn’t really matter. Then I had Kimi hunting me down for most of the race. It was extremely hot in the cockpit. I ran out of water and I was getting hotter and hotter. It was tricky and I had to keep pushing to the last lap. Lewis Hamilton.

The next event takes place in another hot country, Bahrain, and all eyes will be on Lewis. While he will certainly make mistakes this year (he has already admitted to one, putting his slow pace in the final stint in Malaysia down to inexperience) the 22 year old is making far less than other rookies on the 2007 grid.

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