Lewis Hamilton Leads The 2007 World Championship

Lewis Hamilton Leads The 2007 World Championship

Lewis Hamilton - 2007 Spanish Grand PrixAfter four races, and a record-breaking four successive podiums for a rookie, Lewis Hamilton leaves Barcelona as the leader of the 2007 Formula One Drivers Championship, something that not even he could have imagined possible when he signed the contract with Ron Dennis back in late 2006. But despite not winning his first race yet in motorsports elite series, Lewis is showing the kind on consistency that allowed team mate Fernando Alonso to take the 2005 title with Renault, and the kind of spirit that made such names as Jim Clark, Ayrton Senna and Gilles Villeneuve title contenders on so many different occasions.

For sure, the British tabloid papers will ignore Felipe Massa’s dominant win tomorrow, as they take pride in their new British hero. The headlines will undoubtedly make the non-F1 fan believe the 22 year old has already won it, but if Lewis continues to drive like a pilot of far greater experience, McLaren could face a very difficult decision later in the season as to which driver they back. Of course, that is wild speculation, but not impossible, not by a long shot.

It is, in all fairness and respect, not likely for Hamilton to take the title in 2007, as drivers around him have far greater experience in Formula One. This experience has been demonstrated today by Ferrari winner Massa, who showed great dominance behind the wheel, failing to make mistakes and enjoying the podium that he deserved. However, in Lewis Hamilton, Formula One has a child to worship, a new talent to witness the development of, and a new leader in the title fight that is only in its infancy.

Lewis is bound to make mistakes this year, as have many drivers around him have, but to become the first Briton to lead the championship in over four years, it is something to cherish for the future when, in years to come, Hamilton lifts the important trophy at the end of a season. Probably not 2007, maybe not even 2008, but at some point, the young man will surely succeed in his dream and goal.

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  • I fully agree. Another great performance from Massa. Hamilton leading the championship before winning his first race will take some pressure off but when he starts making mistakes, and he will, I hope the press are not too harsh – the British press will build you up and knock you down.

  • It’s well done to both Massa & Hamilton & a relieve to see motorsport to the period of the sennas, the mansells when results are not predictable. My fear for Hamliton is the british media who right now hasn’t seen anything special happening on the race circuit until the boy made a mistake and you see them like a pack of hound after a prey. Even though there’s not much mention of him now i hope they will give him a chance & support if eventually he make mistake by keeping their poison pen sheated.

  • i hope they will give him a chance & support if eventually he make mistake by keeping their poison pen sheated.

    We can hope Augustine, but I’m not holding my breath! It is great to have the championship open to 4 drivers at the moment, and I hope it remains that way right through to the finale in Brazil.

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