ITV Should Be Ashamed

ITV Should Be Ashamed

Television SetI read on F1Fanatic recently that ITV will not be showing the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying live to UK F1 followers. This is, in my mind, shocking. But before going on a drawn-out diatribe, I thought I would wait until ITV admit what they have done, and today on their website, they did just this.

ITV F1 Website: News article titled “Watch the Canadian GP on ITV

So qualifying is allowed to be watched by those who have the advantage of being able to get ITV4 – a non-terrestrial channel only available via a digital set-top box, or Cable or Sky or whatever…

…But ITV are showing it again at some unearthly hour of the morning for those who only get the basic channels.

When will the gross misconduct of ITV towards loyal followers of Formula One end? Just because the race is on the other side of the planet does not mean they should discriminate against those who do not receive one of their other channels. ITV showed the Australian Grand Prix live, as well as Bahrain and Malaysia, so why not Canada?

F1Fanatic have included contact details for ITV, and I strongly suggest that all UK F1 fans type out a stinking email and send their way – I certainly did.


F1Fanatic Original Post including ITV contact details

F1Fanatic Update Post


  • i think i’ve mentioned this before, but itv don’t give a damn, they almost certainly won’t read anything you send them anyhow.

    i blame bernie e. for selling the rights to itv in the first place.

  • Unfortunately I have no reason to believe that ITV will stop doing things like this, since they are trying to encourage people to prop up their multiple repeat-a-thon digital channels. It’s really annoying (though since I’m apparently meant to be at a party tonight, the postponement may be in my favour this time…) that F1 is no longer considered to be fit prime-time TV (which is what the relegation to the cobwebbed corners of digispace really means…)

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