Is Alonso Getting A Case Of The Trullis?

Is Alonso Getting A Case Of The Trullis?

Fernando Alonso - Renault R28 LaunchFernando Alonso appears to be getting a case of the Trullis this week. Like Toyota’s lead driver Jarno Trulli, Alonso appears to be shifting his mood each day, going from frustrated on Tuesday to understanding his car’s weaknesses and not being frustrated on Wednesday. Yesterday he was quoted as saying to Diario AS that “I [Alonso] feel a bit of frustration knowing that, more or less, I will be unable to do much else in Bahrain.” But today is a different day and therefore a different mood. The Spaniard either has a genuine short memory, or has decided to backtrack after his day in the media yesterday.

As long as you approach the grand prix knowing that [the car is slow] and you have no surprises, then it is not frustrating.

So let’s see in the coming races, in the coming months, if we can do a good job with the car and make it more competitive. Fernando Alonso.

It’s quite a turn around from feeling a bit frustrated to accepting you car’s competitive state and not feeling frustrated. Alonso believes his Renault R28 is only just about good enough for a top ten qualifying position and lower points in the races. It seems as though Bahrain won’t be much better than Malaysia for the Anglo-French team, but at least their lead driver appears to be picking himself up.

I just hope that tomorrow doesn’t see a reverse of his motivation and a return of his frustrated feelings.

Image courtesy of Renault.


  • Actually I think this year Trulli caught a case of the Alonsos. How many times last year did we see Alonso complain about McLaren to the Spanish press and then retract the remarks when talking to the British press?

  • At this rate of knots, we’re going to start seeing driver emotion weather forecasts, possibly presented by grid-girls. Alonso and Trulli seem to change their minds as often as the British weather at the moment…

  • Those are all good points. I’m actually getting a bit annoyed at the constant mind-changing (if that’s even a phrase!) going on (with Alonso mostly, but Trulli too now you mention it). Maybe I’ve just got a low tolerance threshold!

  • driver emotion weather forecasts, possibly [certainly] presented by grid-girls

    Now there’s a niche currently undeveloped. 🙂

    @Sally: Hi and welcome. A new site has come onto my radar, I’ll be sure to pop on over at some point and say hello. Mind-changing? They do it all the time. I think it’s something that happens when a driver has an opinion, voices it, then realises he has sponsors and team protocol to adhere to. The only people who get away with it are the bosses, and even then they’re not immune. Flavio has done it lots of times in the past few years. “Conspiracy!” “No sir, no conspiracy.” […]

  • Sorry guys, but you should learn spanish to know what Fernando has truly said, instead of taking the interested translations and out of context excerpts made by british newspapers. So maybe their answers would seem more consistent to you.

    I found the original interview in AS, and he doesn’t uses the word “frustracion”. He says he feels a bit rageful because the car isn’t fast enough in the straights so he can’t overtake and has to stay behind awaiting the mistake.

    Also, about Ferrari he was answering direct questions of the interviewer, and says that rumours have appeared which involve Vettel and himself, and little more.

    AS subheadline is “Fernando Alonso take no part of the possibility of going to Ferrari next year: ‘It’s normal that people talks about Vettel or myself but it’s early to talk about signups'”. You see, AS emphasizes just the opposite that the British media.

    It’s a bit annoying to see this kind cheap shots against Fernando again and again in this blog, which, otherwise, I found very insightful. I expect to see crap like this in British and Spanish press but this blog is in another bussiness I think.

    It’s obvious Oliver you dislike him, but calling Fernando Mr SixTenths and using any excuse to ridiculize him looks childish. Fernando isn’t the caricature you pretend him to be.

  • Pedro, before you accuse people of taking things out of context you should first check the context of the article you are questioning and the person who wrote it.

    Briefly scanning through a few entries on BlogF1 it should be reasonably clear I have a fair amount of respect for Fernando Alonso, his incredible talent and skill making him worthy of the two titles he has already won.

    Regarding misquotes, I am always happy to hear of native speakers given better, more accurate translations and welcome those additions to the site. Clarity is needed so I thank you for contributing.

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