Hamilton/Abbey/Airfix TV Advert


  • Please could you tell me where I can purchase the f1 airfix model showing Lewis Hamilton sponcered by Sanandrea.

    Many thanks


  • Hey Fotoulla,

    I’m not sure it is available for purchase – the impression I got was that is just made for the advert. I had a quick look at the Airfix website but I couldn’t find it.

  • Hey

    I have been asking this same question to lots of toy and model stores and they all said that they had been told by an airfix representitive that they are not going to make one and that the advert is advertising santander not mclaren. however, they did say that they would be bringing out one after the 2008 season has ended. they said that they had already had 1000 requests for the product but they said that it is not enough to start producing it yet. so i recommend putting in a request on the airfix website and keep trying to persuade them to do so.

  • I’d like the same kit too. The advert is a great advert for Airfix. I think the Abbey should give one of these kits away (when available) to all new customers

  • I would like to purchase the F1 airfix model of Lewis Hamilton and I’m sure there must be thousands of others like me who would purchase one too.I think that it would be an absolute sell out if only airfix would consider making it. I would go as far as saying it would be the best selling kit of the year.

  • I seen a blog that mentioned the Lewis Hamilton F1 car kit will be available to buy in October 2008.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I went to a car show last week and i picked up a leaflet and i found this website that sells all the formula 1 drivers and cars from the past three seasons.

    The website is http://www.dhmi.co.uk and the company is called Minichamps

    Hope this helps you all


  • Wld like to buy model kit of Junkers (page 28) of Revell 2008 brochure.

    My local model shop cannot supply saying it is unavailable. Is this true? Perhaps someone can help me with this problem.

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