Hamilton Escapes Penalty Following Heavy Shunt

Hamilton Escapes Penalty Following Heavy Shunt

Lewis Hamilton - 2008 Bahrain Grand PrixFollowing Lewis Hamilton’s shunt in the second Friday Free Practice session this afternoon, the Briton was meant to be taken to the Sakhir circuit’s medical centre. The data recorder on-board the McLaren MP4-23 recorded G-forces above what is considered safe and thus it is a requirement in these situations to undergo a checkup. However, Hamilton was unaware of this necessity, as was the marshal who returned Hamilton back to the pitlane on the back of a motorbike. Lewis eventually made it to the medical centre and has since been given the all-clear.

Obviously the car was quite badly damaged but the team will do a good job to fix it. I apologised to the guys but this is racing, that’s is what happens when you are trying to find the limits. Lewis Hamilton.

The stewards have decided to overlook the infraction after discussions with Lewis Hamilton. Although his penalty has been less track time and a badly damaged car that needs rebuilding.

After a discussions between driver number 22, Lewis Hamilton and the stewards regarding his required attendance at the medical centre… the stewards have decided that no further action is required. Stewards Statement.


  • So a driver would be penalised for not going to the medical centre after lights signal in his cockpit because the accelerometers detected a forceful impact!?

    If a driver couldn’t remember which way to turn out of the pitlane (this happened to Brundle after his huge Monaco shunt) perhaps they probably then should be penalised.

    Ridiculous – do we need to apply sporting penalties now to get drivers to look after themselves?

  • The guys got guts, he just wanted to get back in the car and drive ASAP.

    They want to give out penalties for just about everything these days.

  • I think I agree with both of you…

    Ridiculous – do we need to apply sporting penalties now to get drivers to look after themselves?

    Francois, are you saying that drivers shouldn’t have indications from a computer to seek medical help (because that’s just stupid) are you saying that the drivers are too bone-headed/egotistical to seek help when they really should?

    My view: Do the drivers really need a computer to tell them if they need medical attention? I’m guessing it’s all part of a health & safety initiative by the FIA. They don’t want to be involved in a law suit and are likely required, in this litigious age of ridiculous molly-coddling, to do everything possible to keep their arses clean. Erm, no pun intended [/lie].

    And yes, all Hamilton wanted to do was get back in the car (once they had prepped the spare) and get back on track. It’s the best thing to do psychologically, I’m told. I’m sure it won’t affect him too much though, Lewis has been-there-and-done-that at the European race last year.

  • The point of the medical check penalty is to make sure that drivers who need checking over for injuries go to the medical centre rather than having their instincts take over and potentially put them in a situation where (temporarily) subtly impaired cognition or a sprained joint puts them in danger. It’s not always as cut-and-dried as the Martin Brundle situation in Monaco. These days, it’s seen as another way of preventing avoidable accidents.

    I am, however, relieved that Hamilton escaped punishment on a technicality. It sounds as if he didn’t intend to make life harder (although he should have known that blue light=medical centre, being taken to the wrong place surely didn’t help matters).

    Oliver, you’re right about getting straight back to the car being psychologically best.

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