Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2008

Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2008

Just a quick heads up to everybody, the awesome Goodwood Festival Of Speed has been announced for the 11th, 12th and 13th July 2008. Tickets are pricey, but from experience of last years event, it is totally worth the money. The event centres around the hill climb where cars both modern and vintage race up and down, wowing audiences and even setting a quick time on occasion. There are stalls and stands every where and there is so much to do. Even though I went for the full three days in 2007, I’m sure I barely saw all that was there.

Last year I had the great privilege to briefly meet Keith from F1Fanatic and Christine & “me” from Sidepodcast. Unfortunately, due to my overwhelming experience of the whole show we didn’t get to see or do much, but again I will offer fellow F1 bloggers and commenters who are going, to meet up, chat motorsport and put a some faces to some names. I’ll perhaps organise it a bit more this time, closer to July 2008. We (me and girlfriend) have booked seats in the Starting Line grandstand, and if you would like to know which hotel we’ll be staying in send me an email*.

Talking of hotels, if anyone has accidentally booked two rooms at the Goodwood Park Hotel and wouldn’t mind selling me one, feel free to get in touch. Typically, the 94-roomed place is already fully booked up. But I’m willing to cancel my current place if a room becomes available at the Park. Wishful thinking, I know…

Edit: *That really isn’t meant to sound as weird as it does. I meant for a meet-up drink or something if you happen to be staying near the event, ’tis all.


  • If anyone needs a double room over the event .I have a cancellation. Self contained annex ensuite shower etc 25 mins from Goodwood check out the web site.

    Editors Note: For anyone interested, please contact BlogF1 via the contact form and I will forward requests to Jo.

  • Lovely Double and Single rooms available for the Festival period, 7 minute drive from Goodwood, private bathroom and breakfast if required, 5 minute walk into central Chichester.

    If anyone is interested please call Nicole.

    Editor’s note: Email Ollie via the contact form and I will forward any requests to Nicole.

  • Hi,

    Need a double/twin for the friday night. Is one still available.

    My Contact details are:

    [Contact details removed by editor]

    Really appreciate any help as this is a last minute gift!

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