Further Allegations Made To Mosley In News Of The World

Further Allegations Made To Mosley In News Of The World

FIA president Max Mosley has been hit with further allegations by British tabloid the News Of The World, as the paper apparently speaks to one of the prostitutes hired by Mosley for the ‘sadomasochistic orgy’. It was to be expected that the newspaper would follow up their expose from last week with further information, such is the style of the paper. However, the continuation of the saga only further adds to the pressure on Mosley to step down from his position.

With many of the organisations falling under the the FIA umbrella speaking out against the fallen-from-grace president, it would appear as though Mosley doesn’t have too much time left. With Formula One being associated with Mosley and getting mentions in the international media for the wrong reasons, surely Mosley has to do the correct thing and hand in his resignation.

The News Of The World article has suggested that the prostitutes were told to expect ‘a strong Nazi theme’ and ‘demeaning body inspections’. Mosley has strongly refuted claims that there were any Nazi connotations to the session spent in the London flat, and according to some the evidence for this is thin, claiming that one of the hired ladies is heard saying “life sentence for crimes committed”, which is historically inaccurate. Details aside though, this is still something Formula One really does not need right now.

Mosley has called for an Extraordinary General Meeting which will likely take place in early-May sometime, and the News Of The World intends sending the FIA Senate a DVD copy of the video they have. However, with mounting pressure many suspect the FIA will have a new president by the end of the month.

As Martin Brundle says, “If you live by the sword you die by the sword”, referring to the presidents draconian control over the sport over the years.


  • I’m sick with this !

    Ok the old man has been caught and his behaviour is not the one expected from somebody in his position.

    The facts are known now and Mosley didn’t deny them, so let’s the FIA make a decision.

    We (I) don’t want to know anymore about this story because

    (a) it is a private matter and it is illegal to publish details on anybody’s private life especially when it is not breaking any law or harming anybody.

    (b) Just wonder what people are looking for when they are watching the tape and reading the dirty details…

    Has this anything to do with F1 ? Are you serious ?


  • That’s fair enough Ago, and I appreciate you sharing your opinions. I would say however that nobody is forced to read articles about the Mosley affair, and it isn’t like the title is cryptic.

    Has this anything to do with F1 ?

    The Formula One teams appear to think so, but I will admit to being a little sick of it myself. This whole thing needs addressing quickly and then left in the past. Unfortunately, things like this never move that quickly when you want them to! How long was the McLaren saga dragged on for…?

  • max has to go, this is ridiculous, it’s obvious NOTW has their ducks in a row. Whether they set him up or not is moot, he’s guilty!

  • Hi Oliver

    Nobody is forced to read articles that’s right, but nodoby either is forced to write articles that have very little to do with the F1 championship and publish then in a place called “blogf1” πŸ˜‰

    – Seriously can you name a team that has voiced his concern publicly ? Or is it just something you assume ??? Any PR declaration I might find somewhere ???

    – May I remind you the McLaren saga had nothing to do with anybody’s sexual life but with cheating and yes it is not over as procedures are ongoing in Italy and in the UK.

    Last but not least you could well be suded for writing and publishing private affairs whether they are true (and I believe they are) or not πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Ago,

    Regarding teams voicing concern over how this may affect Formula One, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and Honda each released statements (BMW and Mercedes released a joint statement, to which Mosley responded). The teams were relatively vague in their choice of language but the jist was that they were concerned about how this could affect the sport.

    BMW & Mercedes said:

    This incident concerns Max Mosley both personally and as President of the FIA, the global umbrella organisation for motoring clubs. Its consequences therefore extend far beyond the motor sport industry.

    They were talking more about the publication being a disgrace, to which I won’t disagree, but also said that its consequences extend beyond motor sport…

    Honda said:

    The Honda Racing F1 Team is extremely disappointed by recent events surrounding Mr Mosley and we are concerned that the reputation of Formula One and all its participants is being damaged.

    Regarding McLaren, I mentioned that saga in my comment within the context of things involving court cases and/or the FIA usually take a while to come to conclusion. I was making the point that I, like many others I feel, want this dealt with and in the past as soon possible. As you correctly say, the McLaren issue is still ongoing in terms of legal proceedings.

    I’ve also spoken about Max Mosley and the FIA in a variety of different ways in the past, and not always directly related to Formula One. The Next President Of The FIA, FIA To Sue The Sunday Times; Red Bulletin Is Safe For Now, Should Mosley Resign?

  • Why do people describe this as a ‘private matter’. Max employed the women who participated, and employers enjoy no right to privacy whatever.

    I don’t like the News of the World’, but I won’t shed any tears when Max goes, as he surely will now.

  • Hi Steve

    Ok I see your point, not going to argue about details as you’re right teams complained…

    I didn’t like the fact that anybody disclose anybody’s else privacy. That to me is fundamental: private life is private and should stay private. Even my worst ennemy’s private life should stay private.

    Stephen (reply #6) : You obviously are not a lawyer and have little chance to become one in a foreseeable future πŸ˜‰

    Do you think your hairdresser is your employee because you pay him ? lol

    Did the girl complained ? lol

    The fact is that a newspaper (sorry a pile of junk) published private information and it will be sentenced for that. That is not a possibility it is going to be a fact.

  • The News of the World more or less exists because it can get away with publishing stories involving this sort of sex scandal (usually). UK law is surprisingly heavily weighted towards the press, especially when you consider that there is no privacy law per se.

  • UK law is surprisingly heavily weighted towards the press

    Indeed, I’d be very surprised if anything ever came of the Brundle/Times vs. FIA case.

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