Flavio’s Conspiracy Comments Under Investigation

Flavio’s Conspiracy Comments Under Investigation

Flavio Briatore Claims Conspiracy TheoryAfter the debacle of Fernando Alonso’s punishment for blocking Felipe Massa in qualifying for yesterdays Italian Grand Prix, Italian team principal Flavio Briatore reacted angrily making some bold statements to the press. In an attempt to make his and Renault’s concerns very clear Flavio indicated at a conspiracy theory against Renault and in favour of Michael Schumacher and Ferrari. On Sunday morning, Fernando Alonso echoed Renault’s concern in a brief statement claiming that he feels Formula One is not considered to be a sport by himself anymore. Fernando Alonso has blamed his rare engine failure during the race yesterday squarely on the shoulders of the Race Stewards, claiming that had he not been penalised in qualifying, he wouldn’t have had to press the engine so hard during the race.

A little sour grapes from Alonso, but it does not hide the fact that both Championships are slipping away from Renault.

This is a world championship which has already been decided at the table… They have decided to give the world championship to Schumacher. Flavio Briatore.

I am a sportsman. I love sport, I love the fans. I don’t consider Formula One like a sport anymore. Fernando Alonso.

Some strong words aimed only at a handful of people, but it is these words that has prompted the FIA to investigate the allegations, which according to Max Mosley will happen and the end of the season.

At the end of the season what we are thinking very seriously about is saying we are only going to look at these questions if there is evidence of intent, which I don’t think there was in this case. Max Mosley.

This probe into the allegations has caused Flavio to back down and he tried to pass off his comments as a “jokey remark” that has been interpreted incorrectly. The FIA may charge Flavio for bringing the sport into disrepute.

Whilst I don’t always agree or go along with conspiracy theories, I am pleased that one team manager has stepped forward and said that they feel something is going on in the background that isn’t right. And I am pleased the FIA have countered the comments with a promise of an investigation. As fruitless as it is, at least some people who dedicate their heart and soul into something are standing up for what they believe in. I say the investigation will be fruitless because the FIA are not going to uncover anything. It is merely an exercise to prove they are right and Flavio is wrong, and if there is foul play, the FIA are not going to admit it, that’s for sure.

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  • It’s all Bells-and-Whistle’s for showing off from FIA. I totally agree that there is not going to be any outcome of the investigations [I sincerely doubt whether there is going to be an investigation at all].

    But yes, Alonso’s penalty was uncalled-for and totally baseless.

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