Fisichella Re-Signs

Fisichella Re-Signs

Giancarlo Fisichella has re-signed to the Anglo-French F1 team Renault for another year, qwelling rumours that have been circling for many weeks about the Roman’s future.

It was suggested that Flavio Briatore was in a bind after his star driver – Fernando Alonso – decided to move to McLaren for 2007. However, Briatore is adament that he has made the correct decision in re-signing Giancarlo, and both parties are “extremely ‘appy” about it all.

Giancarlo has also hinted that his team mate will be of Finnish nationality, but would not go further and say whether it was Kimi Raikkonen or Heikki Kovalainen. Kimi has been rumoured to be interested in the Renault team after it was announced the team would be staying around for a few more years, and apparently a large pay-packet has been authorised. However, the re-signing of Fisichella implies that he will become the lead driver, and Briatore would promote his impressive tester Kovalainen to the second race seat.

Of course, I could be completely wrong and Flavio may have made the second best deal of season (the best being Alonso to McLaren without Alonso’s manager – Mr. Briatore, ahem – knowing). Only time will tell, but it is certainly very interesting.

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