Fisichella For Spanish Victory

Fisichella For Spanish Victory

I rarely support the leader, but I feel that despite the current form of Fernando, he is favourite to win the Spanish Grand Prix next weekend. And as he is the favourite (in my mind), so that means Giancarlo Fisichella is going to take the chequered flag – just in spite. Simply because F1 is just F1.

Who is going to win in Catalunya, who knows? Schumacher is looking pretty handy, Alonso is tough and McLaren are making (slow) progress. Michael tends to run well in [a wet] Spain, Alonso will be under immense pressure, and I don’t believe the McLaren will be up to it in a weekends time…

…so that leaves Giancarlo. Many people will say I’m wrong, but I’m willing to let them doubt me.

Go on, doubt me…


  • Anybody but Michael is fine by me.

    You’re probably right about all of that stuff – although I have yet to see Alonso suffer under any kind of pressure. He’s got a very cool head.

  • Indeed, an old head on very young shoulders. I wonder how electric Spain would be if he won?

    Maybe it is a British attitude that is making me think that Alonso won’t win his home race?

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