First Formula One Video Game In Two Years

First Formula One Video Game In Two Years

Formula One will get its first video game in two years next season. The announcement came after much has been said about the lack of games since Sony lost the rights to brand their product as the official title. The last game to come from Sony, aimed at their PS2 system, was in 2006, and since then gamers have had to resort to either online games or the excellent (although not really F1-related) Gran Turismo. However, after extensive negotiations with FOA, a new company has been given the chance to develop and extend the popular series.

British gaming company Codemasters have won the contract, and for the first time in many years it will be available across many platforms, although I highly doubt Mac users like myself will get a look-in. However, it is believed the major consoles and the Windows-based PCs will be catered for.

The digital communities that computer and video gaming creates will play a key role in further growing the F1 audience and connecting them globally. As a world-leading creator of driving games, this alliance with F1 is the jewel in Codemasters’ racing crown and creates an undisputed segment champion. Rod Cousens, CEO Codemasters.

However, not all think this is entirely good news. Keith at F1Fanatic is a little concerned about how the game will be made, suggesting the technique expected to be employed in the new game will be the same as used in other recent titles from Codemasters.

Hopefully Codemasters will produce a 2009 F1 game closer to these classic titles and not just some disposable, short attention span trash that doesn’t deserve to have the F1 logo on it. Keith Collantine, F1Fanatic.

Here’s hoping with you.

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  • I have always missed F1 in latest gaming consoles like PS3 it would be exciting to see the latest car designs on my PS3 which supports excellent graphics I cant really wait for this release soon.

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