FIA Extraordinary Meeting Called

FIA Extraordinary Meeting Called

If I promise to get back to actual event of motor racing reporting on Friday, will you let continue to talk about Max? Thanks, I thought you would! Because now Mr Mosley has asked the FIA Senate to call an extraordinary meeting to discuss the events of the past week and presumably how this has all affected Formula One, especially given the recent statements from four manufacturers involved in the sport. The FIA have refused to comment in any detail over the meeting, only saying that it will likely be held at FIA HQ in Paris as soon as practically possibly.

The President of the FIA has requested the President of the FIA Senate to call an Extraordinary General Assembly in accordance with the provisions of the FIA statutes.

The full membership of the FIA will be invited to attend the meeting at which the widespread publicity following an apparently illegal invasion of the FIA President’s privacy will be discussed.

The FIA has noted that Mr Mosley is preparing legal proceedings against the newspaper in question.

It is anticipated that the meeting will take place in Paris. It will be held on the earliest practicable date. No further comment will be made by the FIA regarding the matter at this stage. FIA Statement.

This news comes after Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and Honda all issued statements of disgrace that Max Mosley is belligerently continuing in his role as president of the FIA. Initially the FIA kept out of the affair stating that it was an issue between Max and the newspaper in question. But now four key manufacturers have voiced concern and the FIA must act.

The three teams and one engine supplier do not have to be involved in Formula One. The sport doesn’t generate that much income for them and they have to preserve their reputations for the sake of their road car sales. I would imagine that if the worse came to the worse, they would leave the sport with hesitation.

To have four big companies leave the sport is perhaps a little far-fetched, but it shouldn’t be discounted either – teams come and go. While the governing body must not be seen to be siding with any one team, they must listen to them and understand their concerns. And I for one do not blame any body or company for not wanting to be associated with someone who has essentially admitted to hiring prostitutes and allegedly, although since denied, partaking in role-playing that could have had Nazi connotations.

Even Nico Rosberg has voiced concern over the saga:

We are racing drivers and we need to try and set a good example in general, because there are people watching you. It’s important to think about other people, young people especially. Young drivers coming up – you need to set a good example for them. Nico Rosberg.

And I think I’ll leave it there with those wise words from an old head on young shoulders.

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  • As distasteful as I have found Max-watching over the last couple of years, I have to admit that I also enjoy the opportunity for a good rant now and then. And Max has supplied me with plenty of those! So keep up the good work, Ollie, and I’ll keep throwing in my two pence worth.

    This “Extraordinary Meeting” called by Max is nothing more than a delaying tactic and the manufacturers would be fools to go along with it. They have called for an immediate response from the FIA and I think they mean to have it. Watch for the next thrilling installment!

  • Just as I suspected, the EGM is a delaying tactic, no more and no less. Alianora has done her homework and reports as follows:

    “I’ve looked into the Statutes covering this situation and the meeing has to take place between 35 days and six weeks (i.e. 42 days) of the announcement. Prepare for fireworks in the second or third week of May.

    “The thing is, unless Max puts it on the agenda, someone else will have to issue a counter-Extraordinary General Assembly to unseat him by force. In theory, that can be done at any time, but if the Assembly is waiting for Max’s version of events in case he has a good excuse (not that I can imagine such an excuse existing but hope springs eternal…), then we will be waiting until July, possibly later, until Max is removed.”

    Surely the manufacturers will see through this and demand an immediate response from the FIA. Every day that the man remains in office more damage is done to the sport.

  • The only way I can see him leaving early is if there is a unanimous uprising from the teams – I can see it happening apart from Ferrari perhaps. The Japanese are known for their manners however and may decide to at least let Max say his piece before they decide to go on an all out attack.

    I can understand why McLaren are trying to keep out of things as much as possible but if the rest join in then I’m sure they will follow suit.

  • I am shocked and surprised that Ferrari has not joined the other four manufactures regarding this seriously disgusting matter am on mine sixth ferrari and am seriously considering selling it as do not wish to be aclient of a company supporting Mosley

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