Ferrari F2008: Debut Shakedown At Fiorano

Ferrari F2008: Debut Shakedown At Fiorano

Kimi Raikkonen - Ferrari F2008 Shakedown TestAhead of McLaren’s launch in Germany today, Ferrari debuted their new machine – the F2008 – at the teams Fiorano track in Northern Italy this morning. Kimi Raikkonen took to the cold tarmac lined with hundreds of adoring tifosi and will continue to shakedown the car and test systems for the rest of the day, light permitting (Fiorano is currently hiding under light fog). The car will get its first serious test at Jerez next week where both drivers will get a chance to play with the 2008 challenger, said to still be under serious development.

We are really satisfied with the new car and its modifications. The cockpit is tighter and also the car is smaller. We have to be ready for these changes. Kimi Raikkonen.

Regarding the obvious competition from McLaren and BMW, combined with the worry of a resurgant Renault following Fernando Alonso’s return to Enstone, Raikkonen was cautious, but optimistic in his approach to his first title-defending season.

We have to see how the test sessions and the first grands prix of the season will go. McLaren will be there for sure. And then there’s BMW. It will be a difficult year. Kimi Raikkonen.


  • Kimi seems as cool as ever, but Massa seems a bit cagey to me – he has been lamenting about the loss of TC and electronic aids for ages now, I’m a bit worried that come the season’s start he is going to be absolutely rubbish!

    Will we see a lot of driver-induced retirements this year?

  • Given Massa’s previous behaviour (he would often throw the car off the road with quite some regularity), I too am a little concerned. The kid has talent, but has been caught out a few times and perhaps his erratic driving will prove to be his downfall. We will have to wait and see, but I think he’ll get used to it soon enough. Kimi is surely favourite at the moment though to retain his title.

  • I would agree – unless either the Ferrari is a complete mess or the McLaren exceedingly good, then Kimi should be a double world champion this time next year.

    Who knows what will happen this season though if last year was anything to go by!

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