F1 Grand Prix TV

F1 Grand Prix TV

www.F1GrandPrix.tv - ScreenshotI only have one question. It is a relatively short and succint question. You see, although I do allow advertising on BlogF1, I do occasionally check it out. I wouldn’t want to be advertising some dodgy product or anything on my website – that just wouldn’t do – and this particular AdSense advert caught my eye. I may be barking up the wrong tree here – in which case I will apologise whole heartedly, but isn’t the official Formula One logo missing from the “Official Grand Prix TV Channel” at f1grandprix.tv? As I say, I could be wrong – I do not know who is behind this site and service. It could be something amazing – live online viewing of Formula One races would be something I would look into should it be legally available. But messing with FOM? I’ll leave it for now thanks. I’m just saying, be cautious.

It may have something to do with “Formula One” being trademarked, and “Grand Prix” being freely available for use – I honestly have no idea – please, do not quote me! But when you see official being banded around, you tend to think it is of some credibility, which it may or may not be. Let’s wait and see on this one…

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  • Yeah I saw that advert. I’ve no idea what they’re actually offering but I’m quite suspicious.

    If F1 is ever available online it will probably be via the F1 website – but they sure are dragging their feet.

  • Hey Oliver, First I want to start out by saying that that I like your site a lot.

    It probably isn’t related with the F1, since it doesn’t show any signs of being. Grandprix doesn’t really just relate to the F1, and it couldn’t have a copy right, since it relates to many international competitions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Prix

    I am curious what the service will offer, we’ll see.

    FYI: You shouldn’t be clicking on your own adsense ads, since that could get you suspended from Adsense, they know your IP address. The way the system works is that Google crawls your site and finds relevant info that match the advertisers key words.

  • Thanks for the comments Keith and Muamer. Just to clarify, I never click on my own adverts – I know that would be naughty. The URL was displayed on the left sidebar ad block, and I simply copied it into the browser.

    If this site is going to attempt to show races live in the ‘net, and it isn’t affiliated with F1, then I wonder just how long it will last…

  • i’m guessing they’ll not show races but maybe conduct there own driver interviews, run the press-pack footage that teams send out etc.

    also looks like they’re after user generated content, so basically they’ll play stuff off of you tube.

    f1 has such a long way to go to catch up with nascar online!

  • Lets wait an see what they got to offer…..for us to be able to trace the races…..Men its sure gonna be a Grace…..F1 grandprix TV we waiting with eager anticipation….Kudos guys!

  • If this F1 grandprix TV thing really takes off then……there’s never gonna be a greater opportunity to be part of the grand prix season!! Hope its gonna be on air sooooooooonest?

  • Until F1 is available online, does anyone have any idea if G.P.’s are shown on Direct TV Caribbean (Latin America)?

    I am in Antigua and have Fox Sports (L.A.), ESPN1, ESPN2, and a channel called DIGI which seems to show mainly Spanish Soccer.

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