Eddie Jordan: Still Causing Mayhem In Formula One

Eddie Jordan: Still Causing Mayhem In Formula One

Former team owner Eddie Jordan may not have been around for a few years, having sold his squad to Midland in 2005, and since seen it passed around like a bad cold to Spyker and now to Vijay Mallya. But it seems as though the Irishman wasn’t entirely out of the picture as news today reports of a problem at the Force India factory in Northamptonshire. The factory was once owned by Jordan and went with the sale of the team. However, it now seems as though the former-team owner still owns a part of the land the building sits on. Which is apparently a problem for Eddie…

According to a report in Swiss publication Motorsport Aktuell, Jordan has tried to sell his remaining portion of land to Force India. But owners Vijay Mallya and Michiel Mol have so far refused to buy it. Normally you would think this isn’t too much of a problem and surely Jordan would be content just holding on to it, or even charge rent for it. But the problem arises when you realise the particular plot of land involved is actually the entrance to the factory, and for some bizarre reason, Jordan really wants Force India to buy it.

Cue the concrete blockade. No, I’m not joking either. According to Motorsport Aktuell, while the team was away in Australia and Malaysia this month, Jordan ordered a truckload of concrete and had it delivered to the access road that he owns. The dumping of the concrete inhibits access and has caused a mild chuckle from myself. It’s good to hear Eddie hasn’t lost his humour, even if that wasn’t his intention.

Update: According to Craig, this story is actually a few days old already. Still funny though.


  • When I read the story I was very tempted to take the afternoon off work and drive up to Silverstone to take a look myself. Alas, I didn’t. Maybe some photos will show up at some point. It is very much worthy of a LOL though.

  • LOL, now Vijay Mallya and Michiel Mol have to spend some more cash or will they Sue Eddie just for access to the factory they own??!! (what were they thinking when the bought the property anyway? 🙂 ) Well, this kind of red tape mumbo jumbo ****-ups always gets me chuckling…

  • This is hardly the way to cement cordial relationships between the two parties. To block all further negotiation seems a little hasty, at least. Clearly there is a blockage in communications and some stonewalling is taking place. Eddie and Force India need to be building towards a better future, rather than gritting their teeth in immovable positions like this. Constructive and concrete solutions should to be sought so that all bricks fall nicely into place – there is no need to be stone-faced about it!

  • This is absolutely crazy! I blogged about it on Friday after seeing a brief mention of it on a Red Bull press release. Though their version says that Force India defaulted on some payment to Eddie. I found it very amusing – this is typical Eddie-style business methodology. Though quite why the Midland team didn’t buy the factory grounds along with the factory remains a complete mystery to me, especially as I believe some of the grounds has planning permission for an extension to the factory…

    I can see Vijay handing over the money (eventually) with a hearty laugh about the whole thing.

  • 😀 Clive, that is really, really funny! To come up with all the concrete-based gags I missed when writing my blog entry and sticking them in one easy-to-read comment is really neat. No sitting on the (concrete) fence here…

  • I generally liked Eddie but after reading this, I am put off by such stupidity and greed. As if times aren’t bad enough for strugling teams, he come’s with another blow, Force India can do with out. Thumbs Down Eddie on this one mate.

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