DC Will Start Monaco From… The Hills!

DC Will Start Monaco From… The Hills!

David Coulthard - 2007 Monaco Grand Prix…I jest, but hopefully this will be the last amendment made to the grid before the Monaco Grand Prix commences tomorrow afternoon. Following David Coulthard’s blocking error during qualifying two, his times were initially scrubbed pending an investigation by the stewards. This put Coulthard in 16th place. However, it was also thought that not getting into the third round of qualifying was punishment enough, and the Scot would likely start from 11th on the grid. Not so, apparently. Things are never that easy in Formula One.

It has now been decided to put DC back into 11th, and then demote him two places. The Red Bull driver will start tomorrows race from 13th. Heikki Kovalainen, the innocent party in all this who was prevented from setting a quicker time will start where he qualifyed: 15th. I personally don’t get the punishment at all. David really should have been left back in 16th, and where did the two places come from? Charlie Whiting’s cushion? Heikki’s final lap (which didn’t count because he ran out of time) was faster, and the Finn would have undoubtedly improved. So to have Coulthard start ahead of him seems a little wrong in my eyes. But still, that is what is going to happen, and it should liven the race up a bit tomorrow. Not that it is going to need livening up with the two McLaren’s up front and Kimi back in 16th!

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