Damon Hill Set To Join Stewards In 2010

Damon Hill Set To Join Stewards In 2010

Following yesterday’s news that former world champion Alain Prost has joined the stewards as the driver representative, it was announced today that Damon Hill will also contribute to the steward’s team at two events this year. The idea being that a former driver will be able to offer a different perspective of situations that may arise on track, the stewards will have a more complete picture when it comes to making decisions regarding incidents.

Damon Hill became world champion with Williams in 1996 after a thrilling season that climaxed in BBC commentator Murray Walker famously getting a lump in his throat and handing the microphone to his co-commentator. Hill later went on to almost take Arrows’s first victory only to be robbed in the dying moments of the Hungarian Grand Prix by a faulty seal.

In 1998 Hill moved to Jordan and took the Irish team’s first victory, finishing ahead of his team mate Ralf Schumacher in a very wet Belgian Grand Prix. After retiring at the end of 1999, Hill remained out of the spotlight for a number of years, running a variety of companies, but returned in 2006 to succeed Jackie Stewart as the president of the BRDC, the association that own and operate Silverstone.

Damon Hill has agreed to do two events. It is likely he’s going to do Monaco and another one, and we’ve got a range of other drivers who positively have said they will come along and help us. Graham Stoker, FIA Deputy President of Sport.

Hill attended a number of grands prix last year and has successfully managed to ensure there will be a British Grand Prix in 2010 by persevering with Bernie Ecclestone and picking up the pieces when the Donington Park deal fell through.


  • provided they listen to him

    This is a very big if, despite your sentence not including the word. 😉

    We shall have to see how it all plays out this year, but on the face of it, it seems like a good idea.

  • Well, this being the FIA…

    Very true.

    I see a bit of payback towards schumie

    Hehehe. I think Damon is too honest and fair to do anything like that, but it would be interesting if Schumacher came up before the stewards when Hill is contributing. 🙂

  • I grew up in a house where Schumi could do no wrong so when I heard Damon Hill dissin n cussin him I was thinking You whingeing git… can’t wait for the GP tomoz. Feeling very…British working class (See N-Dubz) so slang may feature in my posts. Phase will pass soon

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