Ciao, Bella!

Ciao, Bella!

I’m back, and I promise I will get to all the comments and questions this week – apologies if you think I have been ignoring you, this isn’t the case. I’ve simply been enjoying a short break away from it all. Although typically, the week I am away and the week that nothing gets posted is the week the site receives its most hits! But seriously, thanks to all for linking, bookmarking and subscribing. Slowly but surely BlogF1 is taking shape and although this is rather impromptu (because of my cursory glance at the stats) I am so very pleased that so many people think to visit the site when they think of F1.

So I heard Jenson lost on the last lap (thanks to Heathrow’s BBC news report) and Alonso’s title campaign is starting to take a similar shape to 2005’s – it is starting to get a little hot, me thinks!

I will catch up on all the news, gossip and chatter after I have re-acclimatised myself to (UK) drizzle and post with earnest.

For an explanation to the post title, visit my personal site which will reveal all when I get time!


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