Caption Contest: #88

Caption Contest: #88

The eighty-eighth photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. This week is slightly more topical than usual, as the photo depicts Jenson Button and the Brawn crew walking around the Bahrain circuit prior to the race weekend commencing. On his walkabout, Jenson bumped into previous race winner Sebastian Vettel, but what do you think the pair were discussing…

Sebastian Vettel & Jenson Button - 2009 Bahrain Grand Prix


  • Button: Is that your secret, Jensen? The drinking of blood? If you knew how I long to have your power; I’m ready for it, I hunger for it! If you were to give me that power… Give it to me… Make me a vampire now!

    Vettel: I cut myself opening a package of skittles. Vampire, what the heck are you talking about?

  • Ron: Has our Jenson been telling you them ruddy plasters are edible again, Seb?!

    (Ron Meadows = guy in background :P)

  • SV: Hang on a sec Jens, I’ve just got some Magnum icecream on my hand. I need to wash my hands.

    JB: Just lick it off, man, or Kimi will !

  • Hey Seb, give up the thumb sucking habit and give the Band-Aids to Jenson for his burnt bum.

  • How can you expect to beat this guy, if you cut yourself simply opening that nasty drink stuff.

  • ‘You cant overtake either, I thought it was just me!’

    ‘I’m sorry, you did do Lewis going in to turn 1, I apologise for contradicting you!’

    ‘yeah, but that mclaren is as fast as my band coldplay, aint it!!!’

    ‘oh I love that band, sorry about that, I do apologise for disagreeing with you again’

    ‘no worries, just make sure the stewards hear it so you are NOWHERE near me at the start of the next race!!!’

    ‘OK, sorry’

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