Caption Contest: #63

Caption Contest: #63

The sixty-third photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. The 2008 class photo as of the Brazilian Grand Prix. With all the drivers together on the grid for the final time this season, I’m sure you can think of something to comment on. Massa and Hamilton discussing, Kubica and Alonso distracted, robotic Coulthard, Vettel (stripping off?) or Glock and Webber looking at the ground…

2008 Class Photo - 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix

Copyright © Foto Ercole Colombo.


  • Alonso, speaking to Piquet: Hey, Nelson, pass me the baton. I think I can hit Lewis on the head if I get Kubica to switch positions with me.

    Kubica, turning towards Alonso: Did you just say my name?

  • Button: What’s that you say Rubes? You’ve driven the RA109 and it’s no better than this year’s car? Heart palpitations… Cardiac arrest… Need. Help. Quickly…

    Just need to add, the prim and proper posture of DC next to the slouching Raikkonen sums up these two. Brilliant.

  • Trulli searches his pockets for the 5.5 seconds Glock lost.

    Webber notices robo-Dave has sprung a leak.

  • Rubes: ah.. I know I have been here before..But when??? oh God I am getting Old…Hey Jensen look at David and how he sets, he thinks he is a schoolboy….ha ha ha….

  • Alonso to Piquet: I knew leaving McLaren would have some disadvantages but I still thought I would get a seat in the end of season photo.

  • It was Alonso who first noticed the Traffic Wardens off camera, high fiving each other as there little dot matrix ticket machines went into overdrive.

  • Imagine Coutlhard standing, not seated

    Webber Thinking- `He,s nearly perfect, but He,s got two left feet`.

  • Not a comment as such, but Coulthard looks like the dude on that C64 classic ` Little Computer People `.

  • Hmm…

    This photo brings them to shame-

    At least a bunch of kids can do it better.

    That’s why Mark is hanging his head in shame

    Bourdais (Thinking): I’ll miss this…

    Vettel: Been round at claire’s house (couldn’t help myself)

    Trulli think’s he’s seen a beautiful woman. It’s Eddie Izzard in drag.

    Glock prepares himself for the press after the race

    Heidfeld doesn’t find mr izzard funny while kubica can’t look but wants to.

    Piquet is eyeing a chair, but alonso says he’s got no chance.

    Rubens giggles as Jenson does his ‘Oops I did it Again’ performance.

    Heikki looks worried as Lewis offers Felipe a job.

    Kimi dreams of Rallying in the same way teenage boys at school think of miss buczok

    David Coulthard goes to far with trying to be smart

    Mark: zzzzzzzzzzzz

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