Caption Contest: #40

Caption Contest: #40

The fortieth photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. This time we have a shot taken at a recent golf tournament, organised in celebration of Rubens Barrichello’s 257th grand prix start. Here, Barrichello discusses the finer points of golf with F1’s other OAP, David Coulthard.

Rubens Barrichello & David Coulthard

Image courtesy of HondaF1.


  • dc: y’knoh. if they’d only given lewis a proper costume and not made him do the flying thing in his racing suit then it’d have been okay.

    rb: for sure.

  • DC: And then you watch to see where your ball ends up.

    FM: Are you supposed to aim for the trees like that, David?

  • Hah, it’s Barrichello, isn’t it? Missed the Honda jacket and just assumed. No matter, just substitute RB for FM. 😉

  • (after watching DC not making a move for about an hour)

    RB : What are you thinking so hard on, DC?

    DC : I am researching to make the ball find it’s way through the trees instead of me driving it..

    RB : DC, probably you should move that research to F1, finding a way one’s car moves away from other nearing ones, instead of you making it to, hehehe

  • DC: I’m not sure I really like this cane the FIA have forced me to use?

    RB: Well if it helps you avoid other cars then I’m all for it!

  • Didn’t actually read the post, Oliver – I thought all these caption contests just said the same thing! But I still think it looks a lot more like Massa than Barrichello – you don’t suppose Rubens let him use the gear that day, do you?

    Anyway, here’s another entry, not concentrating on DC’s recent record for a change:

    DC: Scottish invention, golf, ya know, Rubens. Think it would suit me for my retirement?

    RB: Dunno, David, but, if we have to go for our national sports, does that mean I’ll be playing football? I was thinking about crown bowling, myself…

  • RB : They are really far now ! What do you think?

    DC : Well… Just watch for the safety car going out… we will catch up then !

  • @Clive: Ooooh, I’ve so been trying to get bowling into a comment all day! I take my cap off sir, you got there first. The captions were just that previously, but when I changed to this ‘ere look, there was no way (that I can currently figure out) to exclude the thumbnail. Thus, I need a bit of text to push the larger image down. Besides, it offers more opportunity to waffle…

    @Everyone: Great comments, I’m enjoying them all.

    Edit: I just got the double-meaning in my comment above. When I said ‘cane’, I meant the things blind people use, not a walking stick. But walking stick works and is less offensive.

  • RB : So… what is the time David?

    DC: 1’12”… this is not what I call I quick pee-stop Rubens !

    (I apologise for this gallic humour)

  • DC – between two of us we have got pair of oldest balls on the course.

    RB – These kids actually think finding our balls on the course is part of the game , great party eh !!

  • RB: the flag says 18. Still 18 laps to go then?

    DC: I give up Rubens! Fancy a drink in the clubhouse?

  • RB-I could of been a golfer you know
    DC-What,a small furry animal
    DC-Oh sorry I missed heard,so why didnt you?
    RB-I am not very good at golf

  • No problem Gusto.

    Comments containing swear words usually go straight to moderation, like yours did yesterday. I normally just delete them but as you’d been having fun with the captions I altered the language and allowed the comment.

    I don’t mind the odd soft-swearing, but strong four-letter words are generally a no-no – youngsters might be reading. But like I said, no problem Gusto, and thanks for commenting.

    Edit: I’ve just realised my comment policy says nothing about language, so apologies to Gusto. I’ll edit the policy after I’ve typed this edit.

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