Caption Contest: #34


  • What did I do for my birthday? Well, mummy brought out my first race suit to show off. It was about this big. She said I was the cutest little racers she’d ever seen.

  • “…so then I grabbed Massa by the lapels like this and stuck the head in him. I’m getting so good at it that I didn’t even dislodge my sunglasses, although I am still picking bits of his teeth out of my forehead.”

  • You see ladies, if you hold the wheel at 9 and 3 it’s much easier to park I’ve found. I tend to do it regular you see, so I’m pretty much an expert.

  • Listen, lassie, call me Grandad once more and you stand absolutely no chance of getting the job as my interpreter…

  • I find these caption contests of yours really interesting, Ollie, not only because of the brilliance of some of the captions your readers suggest, but also because some photos get more response than others. There are photos that seem to be begging for a caption and yet, when one gets down to it, nothing occurs. Others look fairly harmless at first but then a flood of suggestions come in.

    It’s quite strange, really. Perhaps it has more to do with the personalities captured in the photos than in the circumstances portrayed. This one of DC seems fairly innocent at first but then all sorts of ideas burst forth – six captions so far and we’ve hardly started!

    Then there was that one of Michael Schumacher losing his shorts in a football game – should have brought a massive response but very little was forthcoming.

    It shows how difficult must the task of selection be and I doff my cap at your continuing endeavour!

  • I find it intriguing as well. I’m learning as I go, literally. I thought the Schumacher-Shorts-Down one would’ve generated a lot of comments, also the James Hunt one and some others. Flipping the coin, when I went on holiday earlier in the year I put up a photo of an old press conference and it ended up with a shed-load of comments when I didn’t think it would.

    It is interesting, and like you I think it is more to do with the personalities in the photo than the actual situation that gets the mind going. Currently they’re pre-published up to June, but I keep having to go through them and change them because I’ve since decided one won’t generate a lot of funny comments as opposed to another.

  • After the fifth time David told them what He does for a living,He got the distinct impression the Ladies were`nt there for the racing.


    You see Ladies,the secret of a good pair of Bagpipes,is when you pull it out of its nest you have to wring its neck like so.

    I could write dozens for this one!

  • David was enjoying the company of the Ladies,but Alanis Morrisette was starting to freak him out.

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