Caption Contest: #103

Caption Contest: #103

The one-hundred-third photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. Although no longer a Formula One driver, Nelson Piquet Jr. has been keeping himself busy away from the race tracks. Here he is practicing on his games console. Well, to be fair it is the closet Piquet Jr. is ever likely to get to Formula One again.

Caption Contest #103: Nelson Piquet Jr


  • Ex-Renault driver Nelsinho Piquet, a possible reserve driver candidate, tests in USF1’s race-simulator, at the US-based team’s North Carolina headquarters earlier this week.

  • Enter cheat code FLAVIO to commence Indestructible Mode. 😀

    I’ve been waiting for two weeks to format this comment, and when the time comes, I forget that it’s Wednesday, forget the post is up, and then mess it up. Got there in the end!

  • Hmm… F1 didn’t work out in real life. What if I’d tried racing without shoes on? Would that have given me the edge?

  • This is what happens to you Nelson when you blow your chance by deciding that cheating seemed to be the best thing to do….once, you had a car and now you have a game instead.

  • I wonder if the FIA have patched the crash bug in this game* too?

    * – In GP3 (the newest F1 game I have), there’s a bug whereby the game will try to force you into the pit lane if you have the slightest amount of damage. Since the front wing frequently comes off my car and has about as much effect as the Honda RA107’s**, I generally attempt to ignore this. The result is that I have crashed into the middle of the pit wall at Monza several times against my will. The FIA “patched” a similar “bug” in the real F1 by removing Nelson and his co-conspirators from the series, hence the analogy…

    ** – Jenson Button’s 2007 Honda had such woeful aerodynamics that in Suzuka, he drove round minus a front wing for three laps (until his intended fuel stop) without noticing any difference to the car’s performance.

  • The FIA “patched” a similar “bug” in the real F1 by removing Nelson and his co-conspirators from the series

    I love this line. 🙂

  • Nelsinho reveals where he learnt to drive for Formula One.

    Done on my iPod touch (finally) and listen to jedward’s version of Under preassure and ice ice baby ft vanilla ice (hence to name). People hate them but I prefer them to Frankie from the Saturdays because she stole Dougie from McFly from me :@. I have a complicated music collection.

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