Caption Contest: #100

Caption Contest: #100

The (big) one-hundredth photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. I usually post something festive or wintery on Christmas Day, but a lack of images this year, probably due to a lack of testing, means that the return of the caption contest is Schumacher-themed. However, making fun of the multiple world champion is still lots of fun.

Michael Schumacher - Mercedes Factory, Brackley

From myself, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays, and wish you all the very best for 2010. With an epic season behind us and one to look forward to, all we can do is relax, enjoy the festivities and to also spare a thought for those who have to work or are in need at this time.

To one and all I thank you for your support, banter and comment and look forward to seeing you all in 2010.


  • “As long as the paychecks keep getting bigger I don’t really care if the cars keep getting smaller”.

  • Well, Michael, I think you’ll agree that once we get the bugs out of the driver shrinking machine, you’ll find passing MUCH easier!

  • Revolutionary new cooling system – the white thing is blowing air into this car. It’ll be the coolest inflatable F1 car ever when we’ve done, plus you can take it home between races as carry-on luggage…

  • Actually Michael, this car is made out of licorice. And as we pump the cream in, it will expand. Our aim is to break the record for biggest edible F1 car.

    PS, Can I just say *woot woot* caption contests are back !

  • PS, Can I just say *woot woot* caption contests are back !

    w00t-a-licious. 😀

    BTW, please ignore the quicktags (bold/italic etc) and the comment editing option. I know they don’t work at the moment, but they will. Very shortly. Very, very shortly.

    And for my input…

    Michael wasn’t happy that due to cutbacks, he was only given one of the newly-designed Mercedes roller-skates.

    Oh come on, don’t tell me the white thing doesn’t look like an artificial limb!

  • Michael: 3 yrs must be a long time – I don’t remember the cars being this small.


    Michael: I know why they getting smaller! It’s because we have kids in the cars.

    (A-hem. Jaime Alugersauri.)

    Yay-This weeks great.


    Angels & Demons DVD on Boxing Day

    My Birthday on the 27th (mwah-ha-ha-ha evil moody teenager)

    And caption contest is back!!!

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