Canada 2008: Lewis Hamilton Retires From Race After Rear-Ending Raikkonen

Canada 2008: Lewis Hamilton Retires From Race After Rear-Ending Raikkonen

Lewis Hamilton has retired from the Canadian Grand Prix after hitting the rear of Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari during the first safety car period of the race. On lap 16 the safety car was thrown out on track to allow marshals to clear the stricken Force India of Adrian Sutil off the track. As soon as the pitlane opened, most of the grid poured in. However, the exit of the pitlane was not open as Robert Kubica and Kimi Raikkonen left their garages side by side.

Both drivers were forced to pause at the end of the pitlane and wait for the green light as the field cleared the pitlane area on the track. Lewis Hamilton then came steaming down the pitlane and simply ploughed into the back of Raikkonen, seemingly unaware that the drivers were waiting. Unfortunately, Nico Rosberg then had little choice but the follow suit and clip the back of the McLaren.

Kubica left the pitlane and his BMW was undamaged, but Kimi Raikkonen retired on the spot as did Lewis Hamilton. Nico Rosberg was able to squeeze by the McLaren and rejoin the track, although the German was forced to pit for a replacement nose and front wing after comleting the lap.

Unquestionably, the incident was Hamilton’s fault and the only consolation for the Briton is that he took out his main championship rival in the process. Raikkonen appeared to take the incident well and walked away from Hamilton as he looked at his car in disbelief at what just happened.


  • Hi

    I dont understand that if the Pit Lane was supposed to be open for Pit Stops why was there a red light at the end of the pit stop? This just confuses the hell out of me!!!


  • Hi Mattie, the pitlane was open but the exit closed because the field of cars were passing by the exit of the pitlane where it rejoins the track.

  • Oops. Cocky little I’m the Greatest doesn’t see the bright red light or the two large cars in front of him. I particularly like the Schumacher-esque way he then swerves into Kimi rather than hit Kubica. Very slippery boy. Also does not have the gall to admit his error – instead choosing a PR-moment to remind us how very very very fast he is and what a cake-walk the race was-going-to-be.

    And, ITV why do we have to watch endlessly the well-shaven diminutive father skulk around the pits like a bantam.

  • What goes around comes around and Raikkonen was in debt for this maneuvers in Monaco.

  • I’m sick to the back teeth of “perfect little Lewis ” and that father of his. I’m also sick of ITV’s completely biased reporting on him. D guy is talented enough but F1 in Britain is now a Lewis – Fest. Not good.

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