Bridgestone & Microsoft

Bridgestone & Microsoft

It was announced today that Bridgestone would become the sole tyre supplier to Formula One from 2008 to 2010. Michelin decided to not make a bid and turn this into a contest, but they have instead chosen to withdraw from F1 – a decision made in the wake of the 2005 US Grand Prix fiasco.

F1 Error Message

It has also been announced today that Formula One will hang and crash at random times, maybe throw up the odd blue screen or ask us if we would like to send an error report to HQ. Yes, Microsoft MES are going to be producing the Electronic Control Unit that will be standard on all F1 cars in a bid to completely remove traction control. TC has been allowed in recent seasons because the FIA say it is a very hard thing to monitor and police. But by making each unit the same, the FIA say it will be easier to ensure no changes have been made to the systems. We shall see…


  • I do not like either decision. Microsoft and Bridgestone are not my favourite, and everyone having the same thing isn’t what I want to see.

  • Since when has Microsoft software been able to fend off malicious alterations by those intent on changing the way it behaves? I think Linux or Apple might have been a better choice.

  • Hey guys, do you know about hard real time capabilities of Windows CE ? Do you know about all the Microsoft industrial applications deployed today with high security and relyability requirements ? Not sure you are really aware…

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