BMW Give F108 A Nose Job

BMW Give F108 A Nose Job

Nick Heidfeld - 2008 TestingWhen BMW unveiled their F1.08 earlier in the month I actually thought it was one of the prettier cars to have been launched thus far, surprising myself as I’ve never been particularly drawn to the Swiss-German cars in the past. But the tight and unspoiled lines combined with the no-nonsense approach to simply developing what previously worked was refreshing among the new-fangled McLarens and Ferraris. However, this morning at Valencia Nick Heidfeld rolled out of his garage with a newly designed nose on the front of his car, and boy does it take the shine of the machine.

Last season the team ran with vertical wings on the front of the F1.07 for a short while, but the FIA quickly banned them saying that they could inhibit vision for the driver. Now though, while the nose does have vertical wings sprouting out the sides of the nose, they are angled better, mimicking the horns on either side of the top air intake. Whether it works or not is almost irrelevant when the makes car look awful.

Photographs Of The Remodelled F1.08

Nick Heidfeld BMW F1.08

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