BMW Changes Friday Policy

BMW Changes Friday Policy

Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica - 2007 Bahrain Grand PrixBMW have announced a change to their Friday testing policy, allowing both race drivers the chance to practice during the two 90 minute sessions. Previously, BMW and Williams were the only teams who ran one of their test drivers in these sessions, leaving one of the full-time drivers on the bench each time. This sparked Nick Heidfeld to speak up explaining that he feels he is losing out on valuable track time.

Initially, BMW stood by their decision and put Sebastian Vettel in one of the cars during the Friday practices at the fly-away races, but have now changed their tune and have said that they will field both Heidfeld and Robert Kubica on Friday’s.

Until further notice, the two race drivers will be on track for the whole of Friday. Mario Thiessen.

Williams have not made any further decision regarding their Friday policy, but with Kazuki Nakajima committed to the Spanish GP2 event, the Grove-based team are also expected to run both Alex Wurz and Nico Rosberg in Barcelona next weekend.

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