BlogF1 On Sidepodquiz

BlogF1 On Sidepodquiz

Yesterday afternoon, BlogF1 became a guinea pig for Sidepodcast as they did a trial run for a new idea for their ever expanding list of entertaining show features. The idea was a quiz, obviously centred around the very sport we both cover and love, and despite walking talking into the unknown, it was an awful lot of fun. The questions were nicely split between the ridiculously easy to the fiendishly difficult. Some I knew, some I guessed and some I didn’t even have a clue. For those wondering what happens when you call Sidepodcast on a Saturday afternoon, here’s what happened…

Show-host Christine emailed me on Friday inviting me to become a guinea pig for a short while, and without really knowing what I was letting myself in for, I agreed and allowed my curiosity to ask a few questions. The answers didn’t necessarily help but when you’re formulating an idea on the go, it was to be expected. We agreed on a time for me to call and I was asked to name a driver for which I would be asked some bonus questions on. Not having any particular knowledge on any one racer, I opted for the youngest, thinking that there would be less to learn. I chose newly-crowned race winner, Sebastian Vettel.

Welcome To Sidepodquiz

So, Saturday afternoon came around and I called Sidepodcast who were just setting everything up, plugging in cables, testing sound and generally working it all out as they went along – we bloggers tend to do things as we go, on the edge, so to speak. I was described the premise of the quiz, which sounded more complicated than any quiz I had ever taken part in or knew of before. It seemed to be and admittedly so, “All the best bits of all the shows we like”. Sounds good to me.

Top, Middle Or Bottom?

Christine began bombarding me with questions ranging from anything and everything relating to Formula One. I remember being asked about the new points structure, March Engineering, Schumacher’s penalties, the Australian Grand Prix… The quiz was split into a few rounds, so I was given straight questions, multiple choice questions, a passage of descriptive text was read and I had to jump in as soon as I knew what was being described, and the final round (my redeeming round) was to give as many possible answers to a single question. For the record, Jean Alesi has driven for Tyrrell, Ferrari, Benetton, Jordan, Sauber and Prost. Officially, I got five (although I only needed four); Sauber alluded me, I’m afraid.

And Our Survey Said…

All in all, it was a fun experience and I learned a few things. Although I now have absolutely no desire to go on Mastermind and face a barrage of questions about something I should know about. I think I scored somewhere in the region of 52%, but given the on-the-spot nature of it all, I think I did okay. Hopefully the quiz will become a regular feature in the future, and I did hear a rumour of a league table being discussed.

And The All-Important Bit

To hear me blag my way through a load of questions in the name of science, or something, the quiz will be played as part of the live show in which Sidepodcast record their weekly F1 Debrief podcast. Not only are these shows hilarious because of the live nature of them (I think it was last week that co-host “me” panicked because his laptop was about to die and he couldn’t find the power lead for it), but this week you’ll get to hear me – it might make a change to just reading me.

Unfortunately, I cannot link to the actual post because I’m at a theatre right now laughing at Rich Hall – this post was pre-published on Saturday. However, if you pop over to Sidepodcast, click on the top article and hit the video play button, you’ll get to see and hear the creation of their show.

Click here. I should point out that because Sidepodcast wanted to keep this as a surprise for their listeners, the show has actually ended, but the video is still up and I’m sure the conversation is still flowing in the comments. Hit the “Live Streaming” triangle to interact with everybody in real-time.

Edit: Here’s the quiz in full.

Oh, and I didn’t get any of my Vettel bonus-questions correct. Although I am awaiting my consolation Sidepodquiz cheque-book and pen!

Man, it’s tricky writing a future-dated post about something that happened in the past, as well as something that hasn’t happened yet, but then happened earlier than I thought. My head hurts. I hope this makes sense to someone, and if it does, feel free to explain it to me!

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