BlogF1 Has Gone Pink For October

BlogF1 Has Gone Pink For October

You may have noticed that BlogF1 currently has a pink hue to it, a change from the regular grey and green that has adorned the site since May. The change is only temporary, so if the colours offend your eyes you need not worry. However, as with last year, BlogF1 has gone Pink For October. What does this mean? It means that the site is supporting the idea of expanding people’s knowledge about cancer.

Many sites around the web go pink to help raise awareness of cancer, and it is that awareness that is so important. Without knowledge, we humans are pretty much useless – some might say ignorance is bliss, but it’s too late to change that now. And while doctors and scientists around the world may be working hard to find a cure for the multitude of cancers, it is up to us to learn about them ourselves and learn how to protect ourselves.

Pink For October are publishing people’s stories and have some interesting facts on their various pages, and the UK’s leading cancer research charity has some indepth information aimed at all ages. Cancer Research UK can be found via this link.


  • This pink template is certainly a lot easier on the eye than the last one πŸ˜‰

    I’ve really warmed to it. I think that its the peach gutter that does it, being a tad lighter than usual seems to work well, making it easier to focus on the content. Perhaps lightening the usual gutter colour a tad would work in the same way too.

  • Thanks Alia, thanks Kris.

    Last year’s regular design was quite pastelly with little contrast (remember, blue and orange) until you got down to the footer (which was the same colour as this design’s border).

    But when I was thinking about the redesign in October ’07, I knew I had to be bolder with the colours. So when I went pink last year, I was sort of experimenting – yeah, it didn’t go too well! πŸ˜›

    This new (regular) version uses the lighter grey background leading to an almost-black border with a very, very light-grey background in the text columns. Therefore, as Kris says, it hopefully draws the eyes into the content.

    So the ’08 pink version follows the same technique, although I do agree that it doesn’t work as well as the regular grey theme. I like the peach as well, but the pink border doesn’t follow as well.

    By the way, the header image is Albert Park’s gravel, and I found it on Flickr. I am 99% certain I am allowed to use it, but I’ve lost the link to the owner. If you are the photographer, or know who is, please, please, please, leave a comment with a link to the Flickr page and I will credit you in the post and in the footer for this month.

  • thumbs up !

    people who did not see what cancer can do can never understand (even if they honestly think they can) i had the unfortunate chance to see what can cancer do to a helthy person in a matter of weeks and I do not wish to anybody to experience the same …

  • Very good touch Ollie- I know of many different places and programs who make the good gesture to “Think Pink”, as we say here in the States. Keep up the good work!

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