Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Keith from F1Fanatic found this before me, but as soon I saw this advert on television, I knew I had to find it and post a version to BlogF1. Mercedes have been broadcasting an advert recently involving both drivers of the 2007 McLaren line up; Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. While the idea behind the ad is to show the competitive mentality of racing drivers, I found the two colleagues trying to outdo each other quite funny. Right down to the last moment when a recognisable hand cranks the steam up to the maximum in the sauna. It’s good to know Mika Hakkinen can still battle it out with the young-guns! Enjoy…

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  • It was really amusing – how to make driver rivalries look silly! My parents laughed all the way through the advert when they saw it. Now could other advertisers please come up with interesting adverts? Simply because I can’t afford their products doesn’t mean they have to bore me as well.

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