Alonso Claims To Be Staying At McLaren

Alonso Claims To Be Staying At McLaren

Fernando Alonso - 2007 Australian Grand PrixAmidst the controversy and shady exploits of some of Formula One’s top-earners, it was reported that Fernando Alonso and boss Ron Dennis were no longer on speaking terms. Fernando’s admission of knowing about the leak of data from Ferrari has been blamed for the breakdown in relations, and thus, the media have been going crazy in attempts to speculate what the future might hold for the reigning World Champion. But today Alonso has tried to quell the intense questioning by stating that he has a contract with McLaren next season, and intends to see it out.

Speaking to the press at the Fuji Speedway ahead of this weekends Japanese Grand Prix, Alonso went on record to say that he has been working hard with the engineers at Woking, and offers praise for the professional and dedicated attitudes of the team.

For next year I have a contract with this team and I don’t see any problem on that. I have been working with the engineers, with the mechanics, with everybody from the beginning of the season, until now with the same relationship. They are all very professional, very focused on doing the best we can and we are achieving good results.

I won four races, I make some good podiums and I am fighting for the world championship so everything is going quite well for me and I am happy. Fernando Alonso.

There was talk of the Spaniard re-joining his old stable Renault, and indeed it appears as though Fernando has been talking to Reggie boss Flavio Briatore. However, this was prior to the September 13th meeting, and while the second Renault seat is yet to be confirmed, it looks less and less likely that Alonso will be moving to France anytime soon. Another somewhat wild rumour going around has linked Alonso with rival team Ferrari. However, the current pilots laughed it off as “just talk”, and this too seems to be a far-fetched possibility.

It is likely that Alonso will remain at McLaren. They have a very good car, arguably the best when taking the entire season into consideration, and even if Alonso does finish his year in second, it is likely to be behind his team mate. However, right now Fernando is in a good position to take the lead of the title this weekend, and I can’t imagine a driver wanting to give that up because he has had a falling out with the boss. Maybe the Woking crew would benefit from attending some kind of team-building exercise over the winter?

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  • Imagine the carnage if Ron takes them all paintballing!

    I always thought it more likely that Alonso would take a year out rather than move to Ferrari next year.

    2009 is a possibility though…

  • I hadn’t considered (with this post) a sabbatical. Alonso has always come across as the kind of guy who doesn’t care too much about records, much like Raikkonen (the new breed of drivers, I guess). If he wins his third title this year, I can actually see him upping and leaving altogether.

  • Yes and Kimi said he was staying at McLaren last year long after he was blatantly going to leave. The Ferrari rumour is the stupidest one yet though, if Lewis gets on his tits, what’s FA going to make of Kimi??!

  • Most of all i believe that FA will stay at McLaren, especially if he win championship. If Lewis win it, than return to Renault is possible.

    In my opinion, Ferrari is not real option. Try to imagine Alonso and Kimi as teammates: like fire and ice…

  • I’m still not convinced that it would have to be FA and KR – why not FA and FM?

    Kimi is the big name Ferrari craved, but Massa seems to have is feet under the table in the team and is well liked and admired there so would they really want to severe ties with him and pair Kimi with Alonso?

    I hope they do though, because there is sure to be fireworks!

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