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Credits & Buttons

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  • WordPress – The power behind this weblog, along with some excellent plugins that are listed below.
  • Akismet – As with any website that encourages and enjoys interaction with other people, spam will eventually filter through, and this is unacceptable. In an effort to reduce the amount of obscene and unwanted comments, BlogF1 uses this excellent plugin to filter out such occurrences. If you are concerned that your legitimate comment has been eaten by Akismet, please visit the Policy Page to see what can be done.
  • WP Polls – This great little plugin allows everyone to cast a vote in a poll. The polls are attached to some posts, usually at the bottom of the text. Every now and then I think of a question, and then I leave it up to you to decide what the answer should be.
  • Countdown – No, not the popular UK Channel 4 quiz show, but instead this handy little plugin shows us when the next Grand Prix is. It can be seen in action on the home page on the top right.
  • Popularity Contest – This bit of code displays the most popular posts to date. So if you’re new to BlogF1 and want a quick fix, I recommend to check out what other people like first to get a taste of what the site is about.
  • AJAX Comment Editing – This neat little feature is for when you make a typo, or mistakenly claim that Flavio Briatore is a driver! For these errors, you can now edit your comment within a specified time limit to avoid embarrassment.
  • Gravatar – This feature allows your Gravatar to be shown next to your comment. Gravatars are Global Avatars and you can sign up free of charge at the Gravatar website.
  • Contact Form III – As a website owner, I firmly believe that visitors should always have a way of contacting me, for whatever reason. It could be praise, it could be criticism, or could just simply be a helping hand, whatever the reason, this form is here for you and you alone.
  • Icons
    – Site Icons: Part of the Function Icon Set.
    – Site Icons: Part of the Silk set of icons created by Mark James of FamFamFam fame.
    – Flag Icons: Part of the Bartelme Design set of icons.
  • Header image (Takuma Sato) courtesy of Honda Formula One Racing Team.


Some buttons for you to use, if you wish. Please do not link to the images, instead right-click and save the image to your server.

BlogF1 BlogF1 BlogF1

To add a button to your site, first you need to save the chosen image. Do this by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Save image as…”. Upload the image to your server, remembering where you put it. Next, cut and paste the following code wherever you want the image to appear on your site:

<a href="" title="BlogF1 Button"><img src="" border="0" alt="BlogF1" /></a>

Remember to change the “your-domain” to your actual website address, including the path of where you saved the button, and also replace “???” with either Red/Green/Blue depending on your chosen button. And that should be that!

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