A Shave Before Shakedown

A Shave Before Shakedown

Autosport are reporting that WRC champion Sebastien Loeb has responded to criticism reported to have come from an email conversation between FIA members Surinder Thatthi (CACMS Chairman) and Morrie Chandler (WRC President). The alleged conversation essentially suggested that Loeb was not setting the best example by seemingly not bothering to keep his appearance smart. Although since the emails were published, some have suggested it was simply a ruse to discredit certain FIA members due to their allegiances with president Max Mosley

After I posted my thoughts on the story on BlogF1 (which contains more information on the possible reasonings for the bizarre story in the comments), many of you readers shared my utter disbelief that this could even happen, prompting a few of you to give up shaving until after the Turkish Grand Prix in protest to the absurdity of the situation. And now, the man himself has come forward to speak on his personal hygiene habits.

I shave on a Thursday once a week. That’s always the same: a shave before shakedown. It’s not a superstitious thing, it’s just when I shave. Tomorrow you will see I have a little bit more hair on my face and the next day it will grow a bit more. That’s it. Sebastien Loeb.

And hopefully, that will be it and the FIA can go back to stirring the F1 pot.

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