A Management Change At Team Hamilton

A Management Change At Team Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has stated during an interview for Autosport that he is looking for a new manager, having decided along with his father that it is time for the pair to look after there own business interests. This news comes as a mild surprise, the father-son team having worked closely together for much of Hamilton’s motor sport career. Anthony had become a fixture at grands prix and has become somewhat of a Formula One personality in his own right, often going on camera when Lewis was unavailable.

While you cannot say the management relationship between Lewis and his father has been unsuccessful – a Formula One drive with a top team and a championship in his second season – Lewis has often found himself at the mercy of the global media in situations that could have been avoided.

There have been some curious decisions made at Team Hamilton, notably the time when Lewis took an active role in a play, and of course my personal favourite when Lewis agreed on international television to compete with Jenson Button in a triathlon, only to have his father rescind the agreement hours later.

However, the delicate art of managing a sportsperson, their professional schedule as well as the promotional events and downtime is not an easy or enviable task. This was made more demanding when you consider what McLaren had endured during Hamilton’s initial years at the team, with controversy being attracted to McLaren like a moth to a lightbulb.

With Anthony starting the GP Prep Academy and having just been granted official approval from Bernie Ecclestone and FOM, the father-son team have professionally separated and while a new manager is sought for Lewis, McLaren will support their driver. Hamilton Jr has stated that this is not the first time this subject has been raised, but in the past Lewis said he didn’t feel comfortable with other people safeguarding his interests. Being a more mature driver, and also being his “own man now”, Lewis feels it is time to move forward as well as enjoy a more personal relationship with his father.

We looked at it and I just never felt comfortable with anyone else. At the time I loved my dad being my manager and taking care of things, because I trust him.

Other managers you hire as employees, but my dad is my dad. I know he does things for only the right reasons, and I can just trust him with my full heart.

But all of this time we were discussing bringing someone else in, we never quite had the confidence to do it. I think we’re now at the point where we are looking to take that step – and I think it is a positive step.

I’m 25. I am my own man now, I’ve been in F1 for quite a while now and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my dad. He’s done a fantastic job. But he’s done that job. Lewis Hamilton.

Anthony will continue managing the interests of other drivers, notably Paul Di Resta who has been testing the Force India car recently. On top of this, Anthony will be running GP Prep, an academy designed to offer young drivers the opportunity to drive a Formula One car during a series of private test sessions.


  • This is one of those stories that initially had me thinking “Why?!? This partnership was working absolutely fine!”. However it looks like this transition has been planned for some time. As long as Lewis gets someone as good as his dad as his new manager, everything will probably be fine.

    Best of luck to Anthony Hamilton for his GP Prep scheme. F1 could do with it succeeding.

  • Best of luck to Anthony Hamilton for his GP Prep scheme. F1 could do with it succeeding.

    It does look interesting, and I will be following this scheme with interest. I must admit though, there is a part of me that thinks it won’t succeed, but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet. Knowing very little about it at the moment though, I shall wait and see what happens before assuming and judging. The academy does look like an interesting idea.

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