A Little Insight Into Me

A Little Insight Into Me

Me on a train in Italy - 2005I thought that it was now time (having been around for nine or so months) that you guys – my valued and much loved readers – should get a little insight into just who I am. After all, I realise that it is nice to put a face to a name and gain some background information on the author of these scribbles.

My name is Oliver White, but feel free to call me Ollie, I’m in my mid-twenties and this little space in the corner of the internet has been around since late February 2006. I started the site after I gained some confidence in blogging at my (somewhat neglected) personal site, and thought I would spill my ramblings on Formula One to the world – hence BlogF1.

I am not employed in the motorsport industry (although my childhood dream of becoming a multiple world champion still tickles the back of my mind occasionally!), but I have been a fan of Formula One and single seater racing since mid 1994ish. Over the years I have cried with sorrow and cried with joy, and it is this passion that I hope will sometimes come through in my somewhat unstructured writing.

I live in the UK, down on the sunny South Coast, and also enjoy getting soaked in the sea on either a surfboard or kayak. My proper job though tends to suck up a lot of my time, but I always try to ensure something goes up on the site that is of interest on a regular basis. During the season, posting tends to be thick and fast, but this (first) off-season has been relatively steady, so there’s hope yet!

The second reason for this little post is to also welcome some new readers who will undoubtedly be arriving here – BlogF1 has been accepted into the 9Rules network. For those who are unfamiliar with 9Rules, it is essentially a select group of bloggers who all share one common thing – a passion for whatever they blog about.

They also have nine rules as well:

1. Love what you do.

2. Never stop learning.

3. Form works with function.

4. Simple is beautiful.

5. Work hard, play hard.

6. You get what you pay for.

7. When you talk, we listen.

8. Must constantly improve.

9. Respect your inspiration.

That sounds like a good set of rules, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at 9Rules, and to also thank you – my readers – without whom this site would not exist.

Here’s to another fantastic season, where we will hopefully witness great racing and a supreme battle for the 2007 titles. Only 89 days to go…


  • I’ve not seen too many F1 blogs about so you have a huge responsibility to turn this into the leading F1 news website. I’ve already subscribed to the feed and will be keeping an eye on it.

    On another note, why not visit my small piece of F1 on the web at http://formula1photos.tn38.net/ which is a small gallery of the races I’ve attended. Monza 2005 isn’t up to date largely because we got too drunk but next year I’m aiming to put the US and Canadian GP’s on their as me and the boys are doing an F1 road trip in 2007.

    If you see any of the photos you like, please feel free to use them for your own purposes. I even have high-res pics on request too.

    Good luck with the blog.

  • Thanks Tom, your support really helps, particularly as you were there from the beginning – A big thank you.

    And Ed, welcome – I always enjoy seeing new people coming to the site. I’m on dial-up at work at the moment, but I’ll definitely check out your F1 photos site later today. The F1 Road Trip sounds interesting…

    Howard, thank you for the kind words – and I’m really enjoying your site, especially your new header image, it looks fantastic.

  • Hello Oliver, Your site looks fabulous and I find myself looking forward to hearing about that supreme battle for the 2007 titles, although until today I wouldn’t have dreamed that would sound like so much fun. And that, I’m pretty sure, is what makes 9rules such a terrific community to be in. Best, BL

  • Thanks Lily, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed right now (I know I was a fortnight ago), but swing by from time to time, and I look forward to socialising and meeting everyone in the Clubhouse! Congrats to yourself and thanks for the compliment.

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