Are The FIA Running Out Of Funds?

Are The FIA Running Out Of Funds?

David Coulthard - 2007 Monaco Grand PrixThe FIA are obviously set on making a few bucks at the Italian Grand Prix this weekend. First McLaren get fined $50,000 for their running of a new and untested gearbox in Hungary. And now Kimi Raikkonen has been fined €5,000 for tardy time-keeping. He was reportedly late in arrival at Thursday’s press conference. David Coulthard was also fined for speeding in the pitlane earlier today. A paltry €400 will be docked from his salary, no doubt. So what is this all about? Strict rule keeping, petty misdemeanors causing the drivers to be punished? Remember, last year’s Italian Grand Prix didn’t exactly go without incident either.

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